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Acetic Acid

Acetic Acid in Yogyakarta

Acetic acid is an organic acid chemical compound that is known to give the sour taste and aroma in food. Vinegar has an empirical formula C2H4O2. This formula is often written in the form of CH3 - COOH, CH3COOH, or CH3CO2H. one type of chemical that is also popular with another name is acetic acid / ethanoic acid / vinegar. There are several types of acetic acid based on the brand and its capacity to get various types of acetic acid that you want, you can directly buy acetic acid at cheap wholesale prices from suppliers, distributors, dealers, agents, importers and all sellers in Indotrading with the lowest price with the best quality in Indonesia.

Acetic Acid

Acetic Acid is an organic compound with the chemical formula C2H4O2). This is a colorless liquid which when pure is also called Glacial Acetic Acid. Acetic acid has a distinctive sour taste and a pungent odor.ApplicationAs an organic solvent in laboratories and industry.As a base for making vinyl acetate used in paints and coatingsUsed in the proce

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The more types of acetic acid on the market have an impact on price competition and the quality of products that are different, this will affect consumers' purchasing power of the type of acetic acid that will be purchased. Here's how to choose the type of acetic acid that you can try, first you can do is determine the acetic acid brand you want to buy. Because acetic acid is generally divided into various types based on the brand, price and specifications. Second, after getting the product brand you want to buy, you must compare the acetic acid specifications you want to buy, if the specifications are the same, then compare the prices of the two brands. Usually for the price of the two acetic acid brands, they can be different, of course there are cheaper ones even though the specifications are the same. This is influenced by the number of suppliers or distributors of acetic acid, so this will affect the price of various acetic acids. That is because suppliers and distributors usually calculate the cost of distributing acetic acid.

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