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In the 1990s the spirit of the rising Islamization of Indonesian society, as well as to implement the spirit of his teachings, including the obligation to pay zakat. Have long been pillars of these four numbers marginalized, so that the social aspects contained in it does not have meaning. Awareness issuing zakat accompanied by an understanding that in zakat there is huge potential to be developed, especially for the eight ashnaf (groups entitled to receive). This condition is characterized by the emergence of ZIS management institutions in the community. Excitement to Islamization and awareness of the potential of Zakat, Sadaqah Infak and also appeared in the BRI. In 1992 with the initiative by Mr. Winarto Soemarto as Director of BRI perform the basic steps to incorporate charity as one part of the work program of the Board of Trustees of Islamic Chaplaincy (Bapekis) BRI. Furthermore, in 2001, of which Indonesia is still feeling the impact of the economic crisis by increasing the number of poor people, while the magnitude of the potential of ZIS in the BRI not optimally managed. Mr. Rudjito as Director of BRI initiating the establishment of a separate foundation that specifically manage ZIS. In the initial process optimization in the environmental charity BRI Bapekis zakat consult with leaders, among others; Eri Sudewo (CEO Wallet Dhuafa Republika), KH. Dr. Didier Hafiduddin (Expert zakat and sharia council Republika DD), Dr. Said Agil Al Munawwar Husain (professor IAIN Syarif Hidayatullah), also made study visits to Bamuis BNI 46. The results of the consultation formulated by Bapekis and consulted with the Board of Directors of BRI. The directors gave a positive response to the proposal and asked Bapekis to immediately prepare all the requirements for the establishment of the Foundation. Then on August 10, 2001 BOD BRI consisting of H. Rudjito (CEO), H. Ahmad Askandar, H. Akhmad Amien Mastur, Lawrence Tranggana, Krisna Wijaya, Hj. Gayatri Rawit Angreni (Director), together with the Board Bapekis Kanpus BRI, Regional Leaders and Officials in Kanpus agreed to set up Yayasan Baitul Maal-Bank Rakyat Indonesia with H. Purwanto as chairman of the Foundation. At the same time, the accumulated fund of Rp 122 million, - (one hundred and twenty two million) are intended as a foundation endowment.
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