Welding Gauge

Welding Gauge

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How to Use a Welding Gauge

1. Measure bevel angle: is a process for measuring bevel angle. Bevel angle measurement is one of the dimensions that must be done before welding.
2. Measure the Root Gap Gauge: to get a good penetration of the weld root, the root gap width must be checked.
3. Measure Linear Misalignment by placing the tool in the lower area and rotating the tool until the tip of the tool touches the metal data base or higher workpiece, then see the measurement results. 4. Measure the Reinforcement height, make sure the welding height is in accordance with ISO standards which is a maximum of 2 mm
5. Measure the Root Penetration height in the same way as measuring the inforcement area 6. Measure leg length vertically or horizontally to calculate the strength of the joint 7. Measure the actual throat or length from the center of the weld to the center of the weld surface measured

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Welding Gauge
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