Water Meter

Water Meter

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Buy water meters or water meters at cheap wholesale prices, the latest models of Amico, Itron, Bestini, Actaris, Onda and others from the cheapest, most complete and largest suppliers / distributors and importers in Indonesia. As the name implies, the water meter functions as a water meter used to measure the amount of water flowing in a pipe / water tap. This water volume measurement tool is usually used by water pipelines for PDAM water customers or clean water managers in several households and other clean water customers. Find various models of water volume gauges that we use for various needs that you can find and buy through all the sellers in Indotrading.com. Immediately submit a request to buy all types of water meters according to what you need to all sellers in Indotrading.com and get various types of choices at the cheapest wholesale prices in Indonesia.

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The Best PDAM Brand Water Meter Price in Indonesia

Confused looking for references on the price of water meters from various brands? You can get a variety of competitive prices with the best quality from all the biggest and most comprehensive suppliers / distributors and importers in Indonesia. You can get all types of water volume gauges at wholesale or retail prices depending on the needs and offers of the seller, for prices also can change at any time in accordance with updates from the seller.

Type of Water Meter Estimated Price
Amico Brass Meglio 3/4 inch water meter Rp. 300,000
Amico Nylon Brand 1/2 inch Water Meter Rp. 337,500
Amico Vertical Cast Iron CI water meter 1 inch Rp. 870,000
Amico Cast Iron CI 6 inch water meter Rp. 8,812,500
Onda Brass 3/4 inch Water Meter Rp. 885,000
Onda Brass 1/2 inch Water Meter Rp. 350,000
Onda 1/2 inch Water Meter Rp. 485,000
Itron 1/2 inch Water Meter Rp. 380,000
Itron Multimag 1/2 inch Water Meter Rp. 750,000
3 inch Itron Woltex Water Meter Rp. 13,600,000
Itron Woltex 4 inch water meter Rp. 17,000,000

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Find thousands of products for measuring water volume for households, offices and industries that function to find out how much water volume you use every day and once a month Buy now thousands of products that you can choose from a variety of brands and the latest models of water volume gauges in Indotrading.com from all sellers both suppliers, distributors and importers who sell at wholesale and retail prices according to your request or direct offer from the seller .

Water Meter Function for Measuring Water Volume Use

As the name implies, water meter is one type of tool to measure the use or the amount of water used / the volume of PDAM water that flows continuously which is usually used in domestic, office and industrial water pipes. This equipment is equipped with a counter sensor and indicators that are used to measure the volume of water that passes through the sensor or the amount of water we use every time. To choose and buy water usage calculation equipment in your household or office, you should be able to directly compare with similar products but different brands, generally the way you can do that is by comparing the difference in price and warranty.

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New Product Water Meter

Water Meter 6 Inch Sensus Wp-Dynamic Dn150
Supplier : Toko Indonesia Pam Meter
Price : Call
DKI Jakarta , Jakarta Barat
Meteran Air Limbah Panas 2 Inch / Flow Meter Dn 50 Mm
Supplier : Bona Indo Teknik
Price : Rp 123
DKI Jakarta , Jakarta Barat
Tatsu Water Meter Meteran Air
Supplier : Global Makmur Abadi
Price : Call
DKI Jakarta , Jakarta Utara
Aemc 565 2117.56 100A 600Vac Dc Trms Leakage Current Meters
Supplier : CV. Gihon Juma Sentosa
Price : Call
Sumatera Utara , Medan
Water Meter Amico Size 15Mm
Price : Call
DKI Jakarta , Jakarta Pusat
Flow Meter Cast Iron Sambungan Flange
Supplier : Mitra Water
Price : Call
Jawa Timur , Surabaya