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PT. Hizkia Jayatama Teknik

Bekasi, Bekasi
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Produk Laser Cutting
Produk Laser CuttingProduk Laser Cutting
16 Mar 2023
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Pembuatan CNC Router
Manufacture of CNC RouterManufacture of CNC Router
16 Mar 2023
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Establishment Year
Bekasi, Bekasi
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59 People
Company Field
Jasa Laser Cutting, Jasa Laser Punching, Jasa Pembuatan Panel Box
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jasa laser cutting, jasa cuting laser, laser cutting, jasa laser cuting, cutting laser
PT Hizkia Jayatama Engineering Is A Special Company In The Field Of Laser Cutting Services, Laser Cutting Services, Laser Cutting, Laser Cutting. In the Modern Era, Lasers Are Now Used In All Sectors Of Business, The Use Of This Laser Is Of Course Used For Work That Has A High Level Of Accuracy Both In Terms Of Results And Sizes, We Are Engaged In The Field Of Cutting With A Laser Why Should It Be At PT Hizkia Jayatama Teknik? Most Companies That Provide Laser Services, Only Provide Laser Cutting Services, Not Including Material And Finishing. Then You Must Send The Material To The Workshop In Concern And Take It When The Goods Are Finished. For Workshops That Do Not Provide Powdercoating Finishing Services Or If The Dilaser Plate Needs Additional Work V Cutting, Bending And Roll, You Have To Look For Another Place Again. We Provide All The Solutions You Need. Trinity Metal Has 7 Years Experience Working On Many Laser Cut Projects To Finishing At Competitive Prices, To Meet Market Needs Across Indonesia. For Large-Size Laser Cut Work, We Have A Special Installation Method Through V Cutting And Bending Treatment For More Neat Results. We Also Provide Roll Services For Forming Curved Plates; For example, to close the cylinder shape column. We Also Provide Shipping And Installation Services Throughout Indonesia. In Cutting Laser Object Very Very Useful, With The Support Of Machines That Are Good The Process Of This Work Will Run Well, The Types Of Machines That Are Used Are Also Varied. Laser Cutting Laser Cutting Is The Process Of Cutting A Certain Material By Using Laser Energy The Use Of Laser Cutting Is Increasingly Chosen Because It Has Many Advantages When Compared To Other Cutting Processes. Laser Cutting Is Able To Cut Complex Pattern Details Quickly, Accurately And Neatly. You Simply Provide The Files Needed To Move The Laser Head, The Rest Is Done Until Finished By The Laser Cutting Machine. The Advantages of Laser Cutting Compared to Other Processes - Laser Cutting Can Cut Complicated Patterns - Neat Cut, Often No Need for Finishing Work - Accurate, Where The Laser Cutting Will Cut All Patterns According To The Design You Have Made - Has a High Enough Speed - No Limitation on Amount, You Can Still Make Products Using Laser Cutting Even though You Only Make One Product Only Materials that can be cut using a laser include: Sheet Materials such as Acrylic, Wood, Mdf, Multiplex, Cork, Stainless Steel, Iron, and Flexible Materials such as Leather, Paper, Rubber, and Silicon. Each Type Of Material Has Different Properties And Thickness. Therefore, every time you want to work on different materials, re-setting must be done on the laser program, so that laser cutting can produce perfect cuts. Laser Cutting Is Widely Used For Making Decorative Elements In The Interior Or Exterior Of Buildings, As Well As A Variety Of Daily Needs Ranging From Furniture, Various Home Appliances, Clothing, Etc. The Advantages of Laser Cutting in Production include the ability to make certain products in limited quantities. Gusto Sign Has A Laser Machine That Has A Work Area Of Up To 2 X 3 Meters, So You Can Cut Nearly All Types Of Material. In Addition, The Use Of Laser Machines From Europe Will Provide Much More Neat Results, The Speed ​​And Accuracy Of More Precise Pieces, And Can Cut Material Thicker When Compared With Machines Other Lasers. We Need Vector Files (Corel Draw, Illustrator, Inkscape) That Are Saved In .Eps. This File Will Be Opened In The Laser Cutting Program, Then Used To Determine The Direction Of The Laser Head Movement. In addition to the Vector File, You Also Need to Know What Material You Will Cut, And How Thickness The Material You Choose. Ensure That All Lines Are Connected Perfectly, And No Lines Are In Stacked Circumstances. The Price of Laser Cutting is Determined by: - Size of Laser Cutting Pattern. The wider the size of the laser cutting, the higher the price - Complexity of Laser Cutting. The more complicated, the time needed is longer, the price is higher. - Thickness of Material to be Cut. The Thicker The Material To Be Cut, The Greater The Laser Power Issued, Then the price is higher. - Number of Laser Cutting Ordered. The More Number of Orders, the Lower Price To Support Your Projects, We Provide Laser Machines That Are Always Up To Date. If You Do Not Intend To Cut, But Only Scratch The Surface Of The Material, The Process Is Called Laser Engraving. Laser Cutting & Engraving Can Also Be Used Together In One Work. If you, Mas
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Berikut Jasa Yang Kami Kerjakan :

Panel Box

Semua Panel Box Buatan Sinar Srikandi Dibuat Dari Bahan Pelat Baja Yang Telah Melalui Proses Cnc Punching, Bending, Dan Powder Coating Dengan Pintu Yang Dilengkapi Seal Untuk Mencegah Kebocoran.

Rak & Lemari Besi

Anda Bisa Memesan Rak Dan Lemari Besi Dengan Ukuran Custom Sesuai Dengan Permintaan Anda. Kelebihan Produk Kami: Sistem Knock-Down (Mudah Bongkar Dan Pasang), Menggunakan Cat Powder Coating Yang Tahan Karat Dan Ramah Lingkungan

Cnc Punching

Cnc Punching Merupakan Proses Pembuatan Lubang-Lubang Pada Permukaan Pelat Dengan Menggunakan Turrets Yang Ditekan Dengan Kekuatan Besar. Didukung Oleh Komputer, Posisi Pelubangan Pada Pelat Besi Dipastikan Presisi Dan Dengan Ukuran Lubang Yang Tetap.

Powder Coating

Powder Coating Adalah Pewarnaan Dengan Bahan Powder Pada Permukaan Logam, Termasuk Alumunium, Dengan Prinsip Elektrostatis. Pewarnaan Dengan Metode Powder Coating Menghasilkan Warna Yang Lebih Kuat Daripada Cat Minyak

Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting Dapat Membuat Bentuk Yang Lebih Bervariasi Dibandingkan Proses Punching (Gambar Di Atas Merupakan Plat Yang Dipotong Menggunakan Teknik Laser Cutting.

Fabrikasi Logam

Kami Mengerjakan Pabrikasi Berbagai Pelat Sampai Dengan Ketebalan 6Mm: Alumunium, Stainless-Steel, Besi, Galvanized, Zinc-Alumunium. Kami Dapat Melakukan Pabrikasi Dari: Gambar, Cetak Biru, File Cad Yang Berformat *.

Kami Memakai Teknologi Laser Untuk Memotong Object Dengan Tingkat Ketepatan Yg Tinggi . Jasa Layanan Cutting Kami Meliputi

Laser Black

•Cutting Laser Stainless Steel

•Cutting Laser Acrylic

•Cutting Laser Multipleks

•Cutting Laser Mdf

•Cutting Laser Plat Besi.

Laser Cutting Adalah Teknik Pemotongan Bahan Berbentuk Plat (Permukaan Rata) Dengan Menggunakan Sinar Laser. Pemotongan Dengan Menggunakan Teknik Laser Cutting Ini Desainnya Dapat Disesuaikan Dengan Kebutuhan (Desain Khusus) Sampai Pada Detail Yang Sangat Kecil Dan Hasil Potong Yang Sangat Presisi. Bahan Yang Dapat Dipotong Dengan Laser Diantaranya: Plat Besi / Mild Steel (Sphc / Spcc), Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Acrylic, Mdf, Dan Kayu.

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PT. Hizkia Jayatama Teknik
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