Company Information PT. Tirta Bangunan Baru

COMPANY OVERVIEW Tirta Group is a company consisting of two PT (limited liability companies) namely PT. Tirta Bangunan Baru and PT. Tirta Multi Bangunan. Tirta Group is a company engaged in building materials. Tirta Group has 4 retail branches in the Depok area and one distribution branch that covers the Jakarta-Bogor-Depok area. Tirta Group retail branches sell everything needed in the construction of houses, shop houses, offices, buildings, hotels, hospitals, and others. HISTORICAL BACKGROUND Tirta Building began to work in building material since 1993. Started from a material shop on Jl. Depok Proclamation, which later developed and moved to a shophouse located in the Griya Depok Asr...

We Sell : Cat,Kran air,Kap lampu,Tangki air,Perlengkapan pertukangan,Toilet

List of Product From From PT. Tirta Bangunan Baru

Tangki Air Penguin

25 Oct 2018
Tangki Air / Tandon Air
Min Order : 1