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Freight Forwarder

Freight Forwarder is a company engaged in the agency in charge of shipping and receiving goods Export and Import. Freight Forwarder can be regarded as an agent Shipping Agent / Carrier. Freight Forwarder offers you the services of shipping / receiving cargo for export and import, by using air or sea service with a variety of price and service service. This service will assist you in handling a variety of things when you're making exports and imports. These services also take care of the transportation of goods and documents, either in "door to door", "door to port", "port to port", and other terms. Import-export business in the delivery of goods is not so simple if you send goods in the domestic area, because in addition to handling the goods, you also have to take care of the document - accompanying documents.

Import Door to Door By PT Daffa Ekspressindo Logistik
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Dokumen sudah diverifikasi(SIUP & NPWP).
Project handling Impor machine By PT Rizky Jaya Globalindo
Tanjung Pinang
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Dokumen sudah diverifikasi(SIUP & NPWP).

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