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The drill bit is a component mounted on a drilling machine that functions as a tool for making holes in certain objects such as iron, metal, wood, concrete and various other media. There are various types and sizes of drill bits with each standard size for making holes. Well, if you need various types of eyes for drilling machines, find them online with the best quality in

Drill Bit

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5 Types of Drill Bits Commonly Used

The drill has several types of eyes that function to make holes in wood, plastic, walls, iron, metal and glass. The following are examples of eyes for the most commonly used drilling machines:

  1. Twist Bits

This type of eye is one of the most widely used types. Usually used for hand drilling machines, drilling machines sit both horizontally and vertically. For twist bits can be used in making wood, plastic and metal holes with sizes 4-12 mm.

       2. Masonry Bits

Masonry bits are generally used to make holes in walls, stone or concrete. At the tip of the eye there is a knife with hard characteristics and has a capacity to hit with 4-15 mm bits.

      3. Spur Bits

Now for the eyes of spur bits are usually also known as the eye for wood drill. At the end there is a sharp drill surrounded by a slicing knife. The tip of the spur bits keeps the eye straight so that it can create precision holes with a size of 6-15 mm.

      4. Countersink Bits

This type is usually used to punch holes in wood with the same flat head shape. The end of the drill bit has an angle of 90 degrees and is able to perforate 45 degrees of the wood surface.

     5. Forster Bit

Forster bits are used to punch holes in the spoon hinges. This type is applied using a drilling machine to make it more stable. When operated with a hand drill, it will be very difficult to control the position of the eye with the resulting hole.

List of Drilling Machine Prices in Indotrading

Brand / Type

Price Estimation

SHERWOOD Drill Bit Set

Rp 1,000,000

Guhring's Iron Eye

IDR 800,000


IDR 8,000


Rp 20,000

Carbide 2F YG1 K2-Plus 1.5 To 20.0 Mm

IDR 80,000

Zenith Hss-Co

IDR 11,000

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