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Team Sports Goods & Supplies

Tent specifications:1. Frame: Tube 3 mm 3inch2. Base plate-Connector: hot dip galvanized3. Roof: 550gsm Antifungi PVC fabric/Galvalum4. Roof model: arc/curve5. Wind speed/load: 100 km/h/0.5 Kn/m2The size of the tent:1. Eave height: 4-5 m-Roof height: 9-10 m2. Width: 20 m3. Length: 40 m (+ 5)4. Bay: 5 mThe price of a tent:1. start Rp 650.000 square

  • Price : Rp330.000.000
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PT Lima Sempurna
Banten , Kota Serang
Lihat Semua

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