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Polyfoam in Tangerang

Selling Quality & Latest Polyfoam

Polyfoam is a plastic sheet made of high quality polystyrene. The texture is very smooth, with a clean, shiny white color which is very suitable to be used as a sticking media. Often poly foam is used as a basic material for making stickers, brochures and wooden floor pads. You need quality poly foam? Get it immediately in with attractive price offers directly from the hands of the largest suppliers and distributors in Indonesia.

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PolyfoamPolyfoam commonly used as I MATERIAL ADVERTISING, PACKAGING, GRAPHIC, AEROMODELING.WE PROVIDE POLYFOAM WITH 2 MM - 10 MM SHAKE with size 1 x 2 M.We also can make according to your request with the installation of sticker or shape you want.We also provide rockwool.

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This is the reason why poly foam is used as a wooden floor mat

  1. Can withstand sweat very well.

Most of the floor tiles that have been aceded or plaster are able to provide good flatness to be able to remove the sweat from the water even in dry conditions. However, this condition is different if the plastering is in an open situation, usually the sweat of water produced from the plastering can affect the stability of a wood floor that is easily swelled. For this reason, poly foam can be used as the right solution to overcome this.

      2. Stabilizing humidity.

In addition to having the role of sweating, plastering has a temperature that can change. These changes are usually caused by weather conditions. The effect that often occurs is the condition of the floor which expands when cold and deflates during hot weather.

      3. Flatten the surface of the floor.

In the basic condition of the floor that has been plastered, sometimes this situation is still just a level of waves that even though only a grain of sand. That way, using polyfoam is very helpful in leveling wood floors.

     4. Short-term wood flooring material.

The use of poly foam is ideal as a base for flooring with laminate, solid and engineer types. For types of wood that have passed the finishing stages of the factory usually have an installation system that is not permanent or used in the short term only. Unlike the case with unfinish wood species where wood floors cannot be dismantled at any time.

Buy Quality Poly Foam at Low Prices in Indotrading

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