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Dutch Teak Wood

Dutch Teak Wood in Tangerang

Selling Teak Dutch / Teak Londo at Low Prices

Buy Dutch teak or cheap teak londo meter from the nearest, cheapest and most complete teak londo supplier and distributor in Indonesia. Dutch teak wood or commonly known as teak londo is wood whose wood fiber is similar to pine / pinewood wood fiber, so it is widely used for various needs such as furniture making, handicraft and others because it has a very good fiber or wood texture and has a fiber surface smooth one. The calm color is very easy to integrate with various themes in the house. So that this type of wood is excellent. For the needs of making furniture and various other needs for your office or company, you can directly buy teak londo meter at the lowest price through all the sellers in right now.


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Cheap Dutch Teak Wood Prices from Suppliers and Distributors

Find a wide selection of sizes of teak londo that are sold by the meter or bar at the best prices from all seller suppliers and distributors throughout Indonesia that provide complete sizes with the best quality wood and competitive prices. For the price range, you can also see the list of prices for Dutch teak wood below.

Size of Dutch Teak Wood Estimated Price
Dutch Teak Board Size 25cm x 19cm x 1.5cm Rp. 12,000
Dutch Teak Beam Size 110cm x 9cm x 2.5cm Rp. 8,000
Teak Londo Board Size 120cm x 7cm x 1.5cm Rp. 10,000
Kaso Jati Jati Size 3cm x 3cm x 120cm Rp. 7,000

Buy the Best Dutch Teak Wood Prices in Indonesia

To search for all suppliers and distributors of Dutch wood, you no longer need to bother looking for and getting various sizes and choices of Dutch teak logs, bars, boards or meters. Because generally if you buy teak londo from suppliers and distributors, you will get a large selection of sizes and choices of quality wood that are varied to suit your needs. Generally, all the needs of this type of wood are often used for manufacturing Dutch teak furniture which is now also one of the furniture products that has become the latest trend that many consumers buy.

Types of Dutch Teak Furniture / Furniture

There are many types of furniture or furniture that can be made from Dutch teak wood, including tables, chairs, tv racks, shelf minimarket, wardrobe and various handicrafts such as photo frames, tissue boxes and various handicrafts from wood the other. For the manufacture of these furniture, Dutch teak wood producers generally prefer the type of logs that can be broken by themselves with a chainsaw. Because every need or size of wood needed is indeed diverse starting from the wooden board,

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