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Building Contractor is a person or a legal entity or a business entity in the contract or in the lease to run the project work based on the content of the contract which he won from the project owner, the agency / government agencies, legal entities, business entities, and individuals, who have made appointments formally. By using a Building Contractor you can find out how the budget costs to be incurred, can discuss the design and floor plan that suits your needs and budget funds are prepared, oversight of the work tersistem and discipline, no need to laboriously search for materials, no need to laboriously search for and supervising bricklayers, do not need to think about the security of material, do not have to worry about the technical construction and construction phases, if the work is less well able to complain without any additional charge.

Prada Surya By CV. Prada Surya

CV Prada Surya is a supplier of building material focused on roof insulation and pipe insulation such as Chiller pipe insulation, hot water pipe insulation, and Inverter pipe insulation.We provide imported and local insulation with international standards that have been recommended for use in various segments and needs in Indonesia.Quality of goods is always related to price. However, the use of material that fits its function, will result in cost efficiency. We are not only sell products but provide necessary information so that each buyer can choose items according to needs and avoid unnecessary waste.We use the latest technology equipment to ensure quality optimal insulation and installed according to the manufacturer's recommendations effective installation results and provide cost savings

2 Year

CV. Prada Surya

K.I.M Putra By K.I.M Putra

Background Kim Putra Autobody Was Founded In 1972 In Malang, East Java, And Tried In The Field Of Body Building And Furniture Industry. This Was Confirmed By The Notary Deed Of Company By Ambar Pawittri, Sh. Subsequently Authorized By The Ministry Of Justice No.. C-11.Ht.03.01-Th. , 1998. Activity Kim Putra As A Special Body Of Truck Bodies To Make Various Types Of Truck Bodies Are All Good Brands That Kind Of Truck Flatbed Or Enclosed Tub Used For Public Transport And Freight With Special Specifications The Company's Mission Provide The Right Solution, And Provide The Best Service In The Manufacturing / Assembly, And Repair Of Facilities / Infrastructure Land Transport Fleet / Truck. Vision Of The Company Kim's Putra Wants To Give And Make It Manages Operations Superior, Reliable, Always Maintaining Quality, And Always Put Customer Satisfaction

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K.I.M Putra


CV. Sinar Inti Pelangi is a Distributor of building materials products both interior and exterior. Established since 2014 we continue to develop products to be marketed throughout Indonesia. We also offer opportunities for resellers or companies who want to help us market or use our products.

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Angel Irawan Concrete By PT. Angel Irawan Concrete

Our Company Engaged In The Field Of Fabrication And Pile Foundation Work Pemacangan, Both The Procurement Of Material Piles Ranging From Piling Boxes (20X20 S / D 50X50) And Round (Dia. 300-700), Saplings And Employment Services Related To The Structure / Foundation . We Are Supported By Experienced Experts In The Work Of Erection Of Sea, Land, Piers, Jetties, And Dredging. Our Tool Is A Drop Hammer, Diesel Hammers, Hydraulic Injection / Jack-In Pile. Our Motto Is Honesty And Integrity, And Customer Satisfaction Is The Most Important.

6 Year
Surya Patria Crane By CV. Surya Patria Crane

Surya Patria Crane Is A Competent Company And Spet In The Field Of Crane And Hoist, Which Is Engaged In Services And Sales Serving Service, Spare Parts, Manufacture Of New Units Over Head Crane, Jib Crane, Mono Rail Crane, Gentri Cranes, Cargo Cranes Lifts And Also Modifications. Get Special Prices From Us. With The Motto "We Are Your Investment Solutions And" We Hope To Be A Partner Who Is Always Ready To Solve Any Problem From Your Investment Of Time And Equipment Invested Towards Your Work.

6 Year
Victory Sport By Victory Sport

FLOORING FUTSAL REKOMENDASI BFN / AFI Victory Sport Jl. Babatan Pantai Barat I No.81 Surabaya 60113 - Jawa Timur Telp. 031-3815782 Fax.031-3810059 Mobile / Whatsapp : 0821-3184-4153 / 081-833-4153 / 089-7033-4153 BB PIN : 2C06D4A6 Email. Website. Page: Facebook:

6 Year

Victory Sport



1 Year
Abadi Jaya Isolasi By CV. Abadi Jaya Isolasi

CV. Abadi Jaya Isolasi is a company engaged in the General Supplier. Our sales cover the whole area of Indonesia .We cooperate with the expedition of land, sea and air to support the speed of sprinklers barang.Speed of service and customer satisfaction is the motive of our work. Our Consumers consist of various fields: Individual Company / contractor. You can also consult first for the selection of the right material to use. various fields: Company, Contractor,The material we sell is 1. Rockwool 2. Glasswool 3. Roofmesh Galvanis, Wire Mesh 4. Bubble Insulation : Shine Foil, Zeltech, Polynum 5. Aluminium Foil 6. Aluminium Sheet 7. Glass Cloth 8. Karpet Peredam Glasswool, Karpet Hias 9. Turbine Ventilator Cyclone 10. Black Tissue 11. Rockwool Pipa 12. Ceramic Fiber 13. Asbes Cloth, Termo Cloth 14. Kawat Loket, Kawat Anyam 15. Sinus Wave / Busa Telur 16. Asbes Pita / Asbes Tali 17. Aluminium Tape & Metalyzing Tape 18. Spindel Pins

4 Year
Cahaya Abadi Teknik By CV. Cahaya Abadi Teknik

We are a company engaged in construction and sales of Polyurethane sandwich panels, condensing units and other materials for Partition, coldstorage, abf, chiller etc. along with other accessories.Sandwich Panel DistributorCV. Cahaya Abadi Teknik is a Sandwich Panel Distributor located in Surabaya. Sandwich Panel We give you the choice to choose between different insulation materials, profiles, dimensions of insulation, surfaces and various colors. The panel is compact, all-in-one element, which consists of the outside, solid envelope, insulation layer and inner layer. Facade panels can be used horizontally or vertically and are also available with a clear or confidential display. Using Sandwich Panels from CV Sandwich Panel Distributors. Eternal Light Technique is possible to build a building quickly and effectively, and also has optimal fire insulation and safety, with an aesthetically pleasing facade and roof. Our high-performance sandwich panels can be used in a variety of applications including agriculture, industry, offices, showrooms, warehouses, cold storage, etc.

3 Year
Bumi Mulia Chemindo By PT. Bumi Mulia Chemindo

PT. BUMI MULIA CHEMINDO is a company engaged in Supply & Services Specialty Chemicals for Industrial and Design Engineering focusing on water treatment and waste water treatment.Since 2006 in line with the company's running in order to optimize customer service, the company focus and adhere to the values of the Company, we believe that consistently strives to be more focused, efficient and targeted towards the company's values to be achieved. For that we are very grateful to the customers who have trusted in our quality products, and make us as a partner.

3 Year
Mulyo Tekhnik By CV. Mulyo Tekhnik

CV. Mulyo Tekhnik is a company engaged in the field of plate cut and bend plate. We are located in Sidoarjo. Our products are well-tested for quality and superiority that can be relied upon for your industry.

2 Year

PT. SATYA SELF PROSPER is a finishing contractor who is engaged in the field of materials Lining Bussines with the building industry, especially in the range of jenisTRUSS / MILD STEEL / galvalum, GYPSUM PARTITION WALLS AND ALUMINIUM, PVC BOARD, CEILING / CEILING.ACOUSTIC PANEL, ALUMINUM COMPOSITE, CUBICLE TOILET, AND MULTI ROOF TILES AND INSULATION. PT SATYA SELF PROSPER has over 6 years experience in serving the demand of consumers with a variety of needs that building diverse, shape, quality, and warranty. By applying a wide range of the best products and quality, PT. SATYA SELF PROSPER has produced excellent quality standards and are dedicated to fruition in the work of the high class. With the various stages in the consideration process, counting, studying, analyzing, comparing and conduct research and tests on any existing building material products, so help us in sorting out the advantages of each material and optimize and eliminate weaknesses. With the support of staff and professional experts, PT. SATYA SELF PROSPER has become a company that is credible and trustworthy class to work on many prestigious projects such as HOUSING, BUILDING SCHOOL, OFFICE, HOSPITAL, APARTMENTS, HOTEL, WAREHOUSE, VILLA, MESS EMPLOYEES ETC. An appropriate steps if you use the PT SATYA building SELF PROSPER for results that high quality and elegance.

Indosemeru Group. By CV. Indosemeru Group.

INDOSEMERU COMPANY. Graha Pelita Sigura-gura, Malang - Jawa Timur. Workshop : Jl. Satsui Tubun, Gang 1 Malang - Jawa Timur PHONE / WHAT'S APP : 0821-3961-2981

Anugerah Illahi Alam Raya By CV. Anugerah Illahi Alam Raya

The company was established in 2009. We are engaged in trade in goods and services.

Vandha Globalindo By PT  Vandha Globalindo

Cv. Vandha Globlindo Has Been Established Since 2008 Based In Malang And Is A Subsidiary Of Pt Graha Raja Empat Experienced For 20 Years In The Property. Cv Vandha Globlindo Specializes In Business Distributor Brands Fastcon Light Brick And Building Construction Services Provider.


Our Company Is Engaged In Construction And Procurement Services, We Melkasnakan Seua Jobs In Indonesian Territory And Abroad.

Jesu Makmur Perkasa By CV. Jesu Makmur Perkasa

Jesu Makmur Perkasa is a contracting, fabricator & applicator company that focuses on handling aluminum frame, glass & aluminum composite panel (aluminum specialist) work that has been experienced since 2014.

Brilliant Decoration By Brilliant Decoration

We Are A Team Of Experts In The Family Of The Civil Building Work Doing That Good Home, Office, Shop, Shop, Restauran, Cafe, Club, Field, Footsal, Pool, Amusement Park, Park Children, Music Studio, Gallery, Dll, We're Doing Without Prejudice To Quickly We Have Many Kuwalitas Karna Experienced Team In Various Fields So If You Do Not Wrong Entrust Pekerjaann Above To Me, Other Than That My House Also Contained In Surabaya, Easy To Find And Contact Contract For Maintenance / Repair Cost Per Month Can Contact Me Directly. Karjono My Say Thank You.

Mandiri Berkah Sejahtera By CV. Mandiri Berkah Sejahtera

CV Mandiri Berkah Sejahtera is a private company that provides Facility Management Services (Clean & Service AC, Washroom & Hygiene, Termite Control, Pest Control)In carrying out its operational activities, CV Mandiri Berkah Sejahtera is supported by a Team with a variety of expertise, experience and competencies that are in accordance with market needs and the ability to develop themselves according to company needs, CV Mandiri Berkah Sejahtera is determined to always provide the best, professional, timely and competitive and most important is Fast Response, Loyalty.

Fafe Jaya Abadi By CV. Fafe Jaya Abadi

Mungkin Maksud Anda Adalah: Cv. Fafe Jaya , Perusahaan Yang Berpengalaman Di Bidang Contractor - General Trading Dan Jasa Siap Memberikan Pelayanan Dengan Hasil Yang Memuaskan Kepada Setiap Klient. Kepuasan Klient Adalah Kebanggaan Bagi Kami. Cv. Fafe Jaya Yang Didirikan Di Surabaya Dan Telah Menangani Proyek-Proyek Swasta. Berorientasi Dalam Core Bisnis Kontraktor Perencanaan Pekerjaan Penggalian Tanah, Pelaksana Dan Pemborong Khususnya Jasa Pengurukan Tanah , Pematangan Lahan, Perataan Area Lahan (Cut & Fill) Serta Pemindahan Material. Dengan Dukungan Armada Dari Perusahaan Kami Yang Telah Dipersiapkan Untuk Menunjang Pelaksanaan Kelancaran Operasi (Pengerjaan) Di Lapangan. Dengan Didukung Oleh Tim Dan Sumber Daya Yang Berpengalaman Dari Perusahaan Kami Yang Senantiasa Berusaha Bekerja Dan Memberikan Pelayanan Demi Kepuasan Kepada Pelanggan Melalui Ketepatan Dalam Segi Kualitas, Waktu Penyelesaian Pekerjaan, Serta Biaya. Cv. Fafe Jaya Telah Bekerja Sama Serta Membantu Penanganan Kontraktor Swasta, Developer Maupun Pemilik Lahan, Gudang, Pabrik-Pabrik Dan Lain-Lain Apabila Anda Membutuhkan Bantuan Pengurukan, Pekerjaan Bangun Rumah, Gedung, Jalan Dan Jembatan. Hubungi: Arief, Telp: 0821 32935681 / 0816503074 Cv. Fafe Jaya, Experienced Company In The Field Of Contraktor - General Trading And Services Is Ready To Provide Services With Satisfactory Results To Each Client. Client Satisfaction Is Our Pride. Cv. Fafe Jaya Established In Surabaya And Has Handled Private Projects. Oriented In The Business Core Earthworks Contractor Planning, Implementing And Contractors In Particular Services Landfill, Maturation Land, Leveling Land Area (Cut & Fill) As Well As The Removal Of Material. With The Support Of Our Company's Fleet That Had Been Prepared To Support The Smooth Operation Of The (Work) In The Field. Supported By A Team Of Experienced And Resources Of Our Company That Always Tries To Work And Provide Services To The Customer Satisfaction Through Accuracy In Terms Of Quality, Time Of Completion Of The Work, As Well As Costs. Cv. Fafe Jaya Have Worked Together And Help The Handling Of Private Contractors, Developers And Landowners, Warehouses, Factories, Etc.

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