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Mercury or mercury is one type of metal that is usually often found in nature and spread on rocks, seeds, mines and air as inorganic and organic compounds. This chemical substance is commonly used for various industrial purposes and laboratory equipment such as wall paint, electrical tools, dentistry and medicine. For those of you who need mercury for business needs, you can easily find it in Indotrading with the lowest price and quality quality.

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Specifications Product :Categories Mercury Hno3Price : Rp. 1,250,000Pack Order : 34.5/Flask / 1 KgCountry Of Origin : Spain / USADescription : Mercury (Mercury / Mercury) Is A Very Heavy Metal Elements. This Metal Is Liquid At Room Temperature, Shiny, Silvery White, Volatile At Room Temperature, And Odorless. Mercury Occurs Naturally In Nature And

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Nusa Indah Megah
Jawa Timur , Surabaya
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Know the Properties and Functions of Mercury / Mercury

Mercury or mercury is a chemical compound which is usually characterized by the symbol Hg (Hydragyrum) which was originally taken from Latin and is interpreted as a silver liquid. When compared to other types of metals, mercury or mercury has good heat transfer properties in electricity. The usefulness of these chemical compounds can be seen from various aspects. Mostly used as a mixture in chemical and electronic manufacturing industries. Even before humans knew the function of mercury substances, it was widely applied to the world of health such as dental fillings and vaccines.
Currently mercury is also often used as a thermometer filler because it has properties that are sensitive to temperature changes, does not wet the glass walls and has a surface with a convex meniscus shape so that it will be easier to read.

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