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Mercury is one type of metal that is commonly found in nature and spread out in the rock - rock, ore mines, land, water and air as inorganic and organic compounds. Is a metal that is a liquid under normal circumstances is gray, odorless with a molecular weight of 200.59. Mercury is used Mercury is used in various forms and for various purposes, such as industrial chlor-alkali, power tools, paint, instruments, as catalysts, dentistry, agriculture, laboratory equipment, pharmaceuticals, paper industry, amalgam, and etc. The Mercury usage is in the production of electric tools for various purposes. For instance, mercury vapor lamps used for lighting streets and factories because they have installation and operating costs are lower than incandescent bulbs, and can be operated at high voltages.


Specifications Product :Categories Mercury Hno3Price : Rp. 1,250,000Pack Order : 34.5/Flask / 1 KgCountry Of Origin : Spain / USADescription : Mercury (Mercury / Mercury) Is A Very Heavy Metal Elements. This Metal Is Liquid At Room Temperature, Shiny, Silvery White, Volatile At Room Temperature, And Odorless. Mercury Occurs Naturally In Nature And

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  • Price : Rp1.250.000
  • Min Order : 1
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Nusa Indah Megah
Jawa Timur , Surabaya

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