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Marble often we find the stone that decorate the house, a stone used for floors, walls, even furniture such as tables, benches, and so forth. One type of rock on Earth is one type of metamorphic or metamorphic rocks, where the process of stone formation is because due to the metamorphosis process limestone or limestone. The reason why this stone is often chosen as an ornamental stone house is because of this rock has a very beautiful view. Marble has a pattern or patterns and have a variety of colors mengombinasinya, this is what makes this type of rock is beautiful and suitable for use as a material for decoration of buildings. In addition, because of this stone has the properties are durable and easy to carve.


In architectural design, the pillar is also called the function pillar is to support or support the strength of the structure of a building. Pillar in the building in the form of a perpendicular pillar that supports wooden beams supporting the roof or other heavy structures. The pillar as a building buffer functions to add aesthetic value so that t

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