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Access Control Card

Access Control Card in Surabaya

card access control door is a system which can or to restrict users to access a room by placing system control device on the door. In Door Access Control, Access control refers to the practice of restricting entrance to a property, a building, or a room to authorized persons.

Access control can be done by personnel such as border guards, doormen, ticket inspectors, etc., or with a device such as a key (Lock). However, when the access control in the form of a guard or a manual lock has many limitations, electronic access control system using computerized or mirokontroler solve these limitations. Access control system, combined with a simple door lock (lock) has now been developed as combined with a system of cards (card) eg RF ID (Magnetic Card), Smart Card or other card or a more up to date and a higher level of security such as biometric systems fingerprint (fingerprint), face (face) tau with the retina. If you want to find cheap and high fire control access card you can send your request to purchase and can greatly save your time in searching for card access control. All requests your purchase will be sent to all distributors and suppliers who joined in safety glasses. has Distributors, Agents, Supplier, Exporter, and importers and QUALITY best suit your needs.
Access Control Card

1K S50 Card Mifare card Description: Mifare 1K S50card is a card with a chip embedded in it. Thus this card can store data in it. In addition to the chip embedded in it, allowing us to make a "run application" in the cards. Mifare 1K S50 card in use daily - days can be used for identity card, student card, and the card memb

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  • Brand : kartu mifare
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Toko Printer Id Card & Printer Kartu
Jawa Timur , Sidoarjo
Access Control Card

Audio Intercom System Commax TP1KP-1 Master + 1 Sleve handset Handset-2 wire connection-6 VDC 250 mA, or 4AA battery per handset Card Access Control

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  • Brand : commax
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PT. Palapa Nusantara
Jawa Timur , Malang

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