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HDMI cable

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Function and Type HDMI Cables

HDMI cable (Hight-Definition Multimedia Interface) is a standard interface (interface) that is used in various devices such as audiovisual or VGA cable high-definition television (High Definition) and home theater. With 19 wires wrapped into a single cable, HDMI is capable of carrying bandwidth of up to 5 Gbps (gigabits per second) HDMI does not compress the signal because of working digitally, unlike its predecessor which uses an analog system. In computers and modern electronics are using the HDMI connector that is packaged in a flexible cable as a liaison between the source data to be linked keperangkat receiver. HDMI cable supports video transmission standard up to high levels, and also the transmission of data such as digital multichannel audio via a single cable. In Indotrading you can get an HDMI cable with the best price and quality karen we have a database of distributors, suppliers, agents to shops selling HDMI cable is the most complete and reliable.

HDMI cable

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HDMI cable

Siemens S7 PLC Cable sale-200/300/400 Surabaya Sidoarjo PLC cable USB MPI/PPI/DP to download program into the PLC Siemens S7 PLC Siemens S7, -200 -300, and PLC S7-400 as well as communication interface with the Laptop and PC USB Port and RS232 Port Cd Driver Support Windows 7, Windows 8 We Also Serve: Siemens S7 PLC Programming

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HDMI cable

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