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Inorganic Oxide in Surabaya

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Function and Type Inorganic Oxide

Inorganic Oxide or Calcium Oxide (CaO), commonly known as quicklime or lime burn, is a chemical compound widely used. Calcium oxide is a crystalline alkaline, caustic, white solid substance at room temperature. If flushing with water, then quicklime will generate heat and turn into quenched lime (calcium hydroxide, CaOH). Quicklime is an important ingredient in the manufacture of cement. Inoranic oxide is commonly used as the composition of the cement and lime type used will affect the outcome of the cement produced. In Indotrading Inorganic Oxide you can get high quality at a friendly price, because we have a supplier, distributor, exporter and importer who sells the most complete and best Inorganic Oxide.


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