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Pants in Surabaya

Pants are a type of outerwear that stretches from the waist to the knees or ankles, with a shape that separates the left and right legs. As with shorts. But its scope only to the knees. Selling Assorted Pants with a wide range of models, options Complete, Fashionable, Practical and Quality. Find distributors, agents, suppliers, importers, exporters, Pants? Only in that have distributors, agents, suppliers, importers, exporters, Pants. have distributors, agents, suppliers, importers, exporters, Trousers. If you want to find Pants that quality in large quantities at low prices. You can use the features in the purchase request All your request will be sent to all distributors and suppliers Pants in

Commonplace materials used uniform work pants unt adl type of drill, hightwist and cotton plate. While the Catlepack pants/Outdoor commonplace materials worn canvas, cotton type of adl sweading, rings and drill weading.

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CV. Kreasi Pratama M69 Garment
Jawa Timur , Surabaya

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