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Crushed Aggregate

Rp 123
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Product Specification Crushed Aggregate

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"Your Trusted Aggregate Supplier"


That is our promise to the clients that require a reliable aggregate supplier. PT Sumber Rezeki Alam is experienced in the infrastructure industry and trusted by the local, government as well as international companies


Available Materials:

  • Split 5-10
  • Split 10-20
  • Split 20-30
  • Split 30-50
  • Base A
  • Base B
  • Pasir
  • Batu Guli
  • Paving Block
  • Sirtu


Further information regarding the price, company profile and our licences can be requested. Please contact us or visit us at:


Head Office

Jln. Brig Jend Zein Hamid No 18 B, Komplek Kimsa Baru.

Kecamatan Medan Johor, Kelurahan Kedai Durian.

Sumatera Utara, Medan.



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Company Detail
Company field
Batu Pecah Split
Number of employees
We sell
Batu Split/ Pecah,Pasir,Base A/B,Sirtu,Batu Guli
Company profile
PT Sumber Rezeki Alam is a company engaged in the quarrying industry and the supply of construction materials. We are located in Medan-North Sumatra.
PT SRA envisions to be a trusted aggregate supplier in Indonesia with an emphasis on sustainable growth and competency development through the development of human resources, products and good corporate governance
Indonesia’s infrastructure development has seen significant growth in recent years. Players in quarrying industry are expected keep up with the demands, quality & time management to provide solutions to its clients. It is based on these challenges that PT. Sumber Rezeki Alam was formed. Founded in year 2004, PT. S.R.A built its first stone crushing facility in Patumbak (Deli Serdang Regency) and mainly produces aggregate supplies, paving blocks and distribute them to major and minor projects in Medan.The company has a decade of experience as aggregate supplier and constantly strived to provide quality products & exemplary service. Thanks to its company’s philosopy that holds true in the values of mutualism and competency, in 2014 PT. Sumber Rezeki Alam operated its river quarry facility in Bahorok (Langkat Regency). By running two quarrying facilities,we pride ourselves in providing excellent and professional services to meet customers needs of a trusted supplier.We ensure that our products match the national quality standard by going through benchmarking process and laboratory tested. PT.Sumber Rezeki Alam is ready to serve all sort of customers. State owned enterprises & companies project alike.

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