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Aquadestilator - Bio Pure
Rp 17.500.000
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21 Sep 2021
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Number of employees
25 People
Company Field
Furniture Laboratorium, Pengurai Limbah, Aquadestilator-Biopure, Sampler For Raw Material, Peralatan Laboratorium
We Sell
Bakteri Pengurai Limbah,IPAL waste water treatment plan Sewage treatment plan,Furniture Laboratorium,pengolahan lumpur,Pemurnian air laut,Pengurai Limbah
PT Sintesa Karya Anugrah Mulia is a company primarily concerned with solving the problem of water, waste and furniture laboratorum. We do not just sell products but also provide after-sales support services for customer satisfaction. Our business areas are as follows: 1. Probiotic bacteria decomposing waste - Brand: starbact-anaerobic (details can be seen in the catalog details our brochure) - Brand: starbact-aerobic (details can be seen in the catalog details our brochure) Our regular customers include PT Pfizer Indonesia, RS Police Hospitals, Hospital Andi djemma, Taman Safari Indonesia, and others. We also open ourselves to cooperate in terms of distribution / agency such products in the areas of Indonesia and abroad. 2. Laboratory equipment consists of: - Laboratory furniture (specification and sizes upon request) consisting of: a. fume hood (fume cupboard) b. laminar air flow c. island bench (middle table) and the upper rack (optional) d. wall bench (table edge) e. emergency shower f. chemical storage cabinet for the toxic chemical g. chemical storage cabinet for flammable chemical that (inflammable) h. chemical storage cabinet for the corrosive chemical i. wet scrubber for fumehood system consists of automatic and manual system j. Peg board (for glassware to more easily hang dry) k. etc. Some of our customers include PT (Persero) Clairvoyant Karya, PT (Persero) Jasa Tirta 2, PT Genero Pharmaceutical, PT Corelab, Center for Textil, Hasanuddin University, Singapore International School and others - Sampling tool for raw material (specification and sizes upon request) a. liquid sampler consists of a.1. for viscous fluids (high viscous liquid) and semi-solid a.2. for a thin b. powder sampler Some of our customers include PT Mugi Laboratories, PT Bintang Toedjoeh, PT Dankos, PT Nova Chemie, etc. - A tool for making distilled water (brand: Biopure) with distilled water generated capacity: 8 L / h, the value conductivitynya:
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