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CV. Sinar Imajinasi

Surabaya, Jawa Timur
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Cetak Buku Yasin Murah Surabaya

Print Yasin Cheap Print Yasin Cheap

Rp 7.000
02 May 2023
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Company Profile
Establishment Year
Surabaya, Jawa Timur
Number of employees
5 People
Company Field
digital, offset, cetak foto, iklan, konveksi
We Sell
Percetakan, jasa cetak majalah, produksi plang nama, jasa cetak agenda, cetak paper bag, cetak kemasan
a wide range of printing products that we received Broadly speaking, the products and services we offer can be grouped into the following areas: Printing (printing). Printing we offer have a broad spectrum, covering an area of ​​growing printing needs of modern society. At least we used to classify them into 5 print needs: Promotion, namely printing requirements pertaining to media socialization of a service or product, such as calendars, brochures, posters, paper bag, pamphlets, invitations, flyers, hanging mobile, company profile, or catalogs, company profile, other danm. Publishing, namely the needs of print-related businesses such as publishing bulletins, magazines, tabloids, books, agendas, and others. Packaging, namely printing requirements relating to the packaging of a product for example packing clothes (clothes, skull cap, gloves), packaged foods (bread and donuts), packaged goods or other containers (inner box). Administration, namely printing requirements associated with the administration such as ID cards, business cards, or a form of administration, and others. Services, namely services such as working in the field of printing services such as graphic design services, print services or services plong. Publishing (publishing). print services such as media bulletins and magazines that appear periodically, or book published at certain times. Advertising (media advertisement). On this field we offer the manufacture of: Merchandise (t-shirts, mugs, key chains, and more.) In Door (visual art, x-banner, vinyl sticker / cutting, and others.) Out Door (umbul- banners, banners, banners, billboards, billboards, neon sign / box, and others) Audiovisual communication (interactive cd, radio ads, television commercials, company profile, and others) Other (manufacture company logo)
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CV. Sinar Imajinasi
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