Aluminium Foil Sheet Foam bali

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Product Specification Aluminium Foil Sheet Foam bali

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- Reflects 97% of radiant heat

- Fire proof

- Non-toxic / Non-carcinogenic

- Free fiber

- No need for protective clothing or respirator to install

- Durable and lightweight

- Not compress, crumble or crumble

- Steam and radon retarder

- Condensation control

- Easy to cut and install

- Fixed and maintenance free

- Does not provide growth media or nutritional value for fungi, insects, or rodents

- Does not support the growth of mold or mildew

- Not affected by moisture or moisture

- Lowered heating and cooling costs throughout the year


- Metal & Steel Building

- Home

- Roof underlayments

- Cathedral Ceilings

- Crawl Spaces

- Hot Water Heater

- Basement Walls

- Floor

- The garage door

- Pole granary

- Building Post frame

- Poultry granaries

- Animal cage

- Temperature sensitive storage area.

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SINAR GEMILANG Since 2003 we sell products of all types of Packing Gaskets and Industrial Supplies such as Klingerit packing tombo type, 1000, 1303, 1100, 1935, 1120, 1995 etc., Valqua type packing 1500, 1501Ac, 6500 etc., Rubber cork packing, Packing klingersil C4400, 4403, 4200 etc., Packing klingerit wire 1000, Garlock 1000, Asbestos jointing sheet, Asbestos cloth, Asbestos tape, Asbestos packing Gland, Piur teflon, Kevlar, Steam packing, Rames packing, Rockwool sheet, Rockwool rool, Rockwool pipe , Steel wool Veltwool, Brake linings, Perrodo, Water filters, Glass wool, Graphite sheets, Fiber sheets, Sight glass, Spiral wound gaskets, Brand DLLs. TOMBO, VALQUA, FINE BEST, KLINGER, GARLOCK, CHESTERTON, ETCWe also sell ENGINEERING PRODUCT such as Acrylic sheet, Mica, Acrylic rood, Acrylic pipe, Tempered Glass, Teflon sheet, Teflon rood, Carbon Teflon sheet, Carbon Teflon sheet, Tile sheet, Navotek Sheet, Navotek rood, Uretan sheet, rood Uretan, Poly carbonate, PE sheet, PE rood, Nylon sheet, rood, Resin fibber plate, Resin fibber rood, HDPE sheet, PE, Mc blue sheet, Mc blue rood, Brake lining, Teflon heating cloth, Cham pup, dowcorning glue, ETC. In addition we also sell RUBBER PRODUCT synthetic rubber, green rubber, white rubber, silicone sheet, silicone hose, silicone rood, rubber lines, viton rubber, epdm rubber, rubber conveyor, rubber Germany, Rubber thread, Black Spoon, White Spoon, Rubber cork, Spoon heat resistant DLL.
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