Steel Wok

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Product Specification Steel Wok

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Iron Steel Fried Rice Pan

Wok made of genuine carbon steel without a mixture of anti-dents and resilience with a thickness of 3 to 6 millimeters. The sizes produced for the fried rice pan are 40 cm, 45 cm, 50 cm, 55 cm and 60 cm (thickness 3 mm). Meanwhile, the diameter of other ordinary steel pans are 60 cm, 70 cm, 80 cm (4 mm thickness), 90 cm, 100 cm, 110 cm (5 mm thickness), 120 cm, 130 cm, 140 cm and 150 cm ( thickness 6 mm).

 Iron Skillet
 Steel Griddle
 Steel Skillet
 Fried Rice Wok
 Fried Rice Iron Wok
 Fried Rice Steel Wok
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Our Company Is Engaged In The Distribution Of Kitchen Appliances, Household And Industry For More Than 40 Years In Pasar Turi, Surabaya. We Sell Locally Produced Goods And Imports With The Price And Quantity Parties ( Wholesale) For Resale. Some Brands Of Goods That We Sell Are The Lion Star Plastics, Hock, Maspion, Global Eagle And Many More. For Complete Information Please See Our Product Catalog Page Or You Can Directly Visit Our Showroom At Jalan Dupak 63 / Pertokoan Mutiara Dupak C-22, Surabaya. Work Hours Are Monday Until Saturday On 10: 00 To 17: 00 Wib. Our Location Is Neither In Dupak Grosir ( DG) Nor Pusat Grosir Surabaya ( PGS) . With The Support Of Local And National Suppliers, We Are Ready To Meet Your Business Needs. Contact Us Immediately To Do Business With Us. We Also Serve The Needs Of Hotels, Restaurants & Catering. To Order The Product Can Be Made Via Telephone, Short Message Service ( Sms) , Yahoo Messenger, Blackberry Messenger ( Bbm) With A System Of Cash Payments ( Bank Transfer / Cash) . Payment Can Be Made After Receiving Confirmation From Us Over The Availability Of The Required Amount Of Product. If You Are Serious, Please Do Not Send E-Mails To Us Without Prior Confirmation. Sido Mumbul is a distributor of plastic goods in Surabaya, we sell cheap goods, the price of wholesale plastic items, eating utensils, bath products, kitchen ware, glassware trademarks of glass, ceramics, etc. The products we sell such as plastic chairs, tables, jars plastic, glass jar, jars mica, tablespoon, bucket cast, basin / basin, barrels, tubs, hangers, pots, wardrobe, clothes basket, bucket of water, dishes, glasses , mugs, cups, water bottles, slap meal, stove, pans, kitchen knife set, broom, brush, jerry cans, keg, as well as plastic products, glass, glass, aluminum, enamel, melamine and stainless steel. The goods we sell are goods brand factory Napolly, Neoplas, Ikimura, Olympia, Garuda Mas, Blue Shark, Kiramas, Sapura, Lucky Star, Omega, Nikita, AP, Maspion, Lion star, Global Eagle, Bee Star, Sweep 2 Tigers, Sendy, etc. also some importers of Chinese products. equipment living room: chairs, tables, cabinets, rugs, carpets, broom, mop handles, kemucing, thrasher, brush, etc. cutlery: spoons, forks, plates, bowls, mugs, glasses, cups, teapots, kettles, lunch box / catering box, a jar, a spoon, a sauce, cover a vegetable side, cover vegetables round, jumbo trash / laundry basket, shelved, thermos, rantang, Wakul, ompreng, seal ware, water jug, tray, plastic basket catering, etc. kitchen equipment: wok aluminum, stove hock, oven hock, pans, pots, knife set, rice cooker, mixer, magic com, blender, magic jar, rice bucket, the hood of food, rice bowls, steamer, oven, napkins, industrial crates, dish rack, tampa, trays, stereotyped, trays, ERUs, eros, Entong, Sutil, kitchen set, grill, stove wicks, pressure cooker, priok / crockery, etc. toiletries: soap, baby tubs, pails, buckets, basins, washbasins, water barrel, scoop, pretty glass, keg, jerry cans, terms and oval tub / angle, etc. room fixtures: hanger, hanger, clothespin, etc. household equipment: laundry basket, shoe racks, waste baskets, flower pots, garden chairs, children's chairs, dining chairs, meatballs, piggy banks, mats, kemucing, container, ball, wheel box / big boxer, filter, stainless steel water tanks, etc. There are regular product quality, attractive, inexpensive, robust and quality depending on the brand and needs. For surabaya area we can send to consumers outside the city and outside the island can be sent via the expedition that has been agreed. UD. SIDO MUMBUL - Jln. Dupak 63 / Pertokoan Mutiara Dupak C-22, (031) 5469330 / 081938685700, Surabaya. PIN BBM = 7C5F4B40 / 5B69FFC6 / 228B81D4 WA = +6282143438684 LINE = herry.sutanto WECHAT = herrychenzhongqiang E-mail = / Jam Kerja = Senin - Sabtu 10:00 - 17:00 WIB, Hari Minggu / Besar Libur

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