Water Tube Boiler

Water Tube Boiler

The boiler is a closed vessel shaped device that is used to heat water to produce steam. Boiler types can be differentiated from a variety of things such as the characteristics, mode of operation, the type of pipe and fuel used. Boiler type by type of pipe that Tube Boiler Water. In this type of boiler has a construction which is similar to the type of fire-tubes, this type also consists of pipes and barrels, the only difference being the pipes filled with water while the barrel was the scene of arson. Characteristics of this type is to produce a relatively large amount of steam.

The working principle of the Water Tube Boilers ie ignition process occurs on the outside of the pipe, so that the heat will be absorbed by the water flowing in the pipeline. This type has a large excess steam capacity, niali relatively higher efficiency furnaces and easy to reach when they will be cleared.

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