Steel Jacket

Steel Jacket

Determining the type of cantilever base platform (bottom supported platform) for the removal of the production facilities and processing of petroleum in the offshore (offshore) requires serious planning and need to be adapted to the special specifications. One of the key of the power of offshore rig platform located on a support base platform. Steel Jacket is a platform with a steel construction that stands on the foot of a large pipe and pipe cross crosses forming a "jacket".

In the "jacket" was placed various tools can transmit information waves, winds and currents.
Thus, every occurrence under the ocean can be detected early, so that the leadership of the platform can take decisions or preventive action. Steel Jacket normally used for shallow sea, and can be built up to a depth of 1,400 meters below sea level. The steel construction of the support can not be used pasa oil rig in the polar regions that have large-sized iceberg.

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