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Sapu Ijuk

  • Price : Rp18.500
  • Min Order: 120
  • Brand : 2 macan
Other Cleaning Appliances

We Are A Distributor Of Products Brooms Brands 2 Macan;* Sweep Fan Large, Medium, Small* Family Sweep Large, Medium, Small* Sweep Floor Orange* Sweep Hybrid Medium* Sweep Specials* Sweep Rayung Large, Medium, Small* Sweep Park Oval, Round* Sweep Factory ( Factory Hard)* Sweep Big Cars, Small* Pel Red, Blue, Green* Mop / Mop Refil Red, Blue, Green*

Seller :
UD. Sido Mumbul
Jawa Timur , Surabaya
  • Price : Rp14.000
  • Min Order: 1
Home Appliance Plastic Products

Broom Palm fiber Shanks has good quality so that when the leaf or twig tree is swept, the style will remain awake and not easily broken

Seller :
CV. Bhinneka Nusantara
Jakarta , Jakarta Pusat
  • Price : Rp140.000
  • Min Order: 10
  • Brand : elang sakti
Other Cleaning Appliances

broom Palm fiber Milky Eagle brand with quality style No. 1 and 110 cm wooden handleswholesale price $140,000/kodi

Seller :
UD. Bersih Jaya
Sumatera Utara , Medan
  • Price : CALL
  • Min Order: 1
Other Cleaning Appliances

Product Specifications:Category Brooms IjukDescription:Pack : SackCountry Of Origin : IndonesiaDescription : Broom Fibers. Rayung Broom, Coco Broom

Seller :
Toko Dwi Tunggal Perkasa
Jawa Timur , Tulungagung

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  • Price : Rp7.000
  • Min Order: 1

CoreFibersIs TheHomeBusinessIndustryThat FocusesOn The Processing OfThe FibersIntoThe Manufacture OfCleaning ToolsSuch AsBroom,Brush,AndSo Forth.IjukCoreExperience InThe Field OfBasicMaterials ProcessingFibers,HaveMany PartnersWhoWork WithThisCompany.

Seller :
UD. Inti Ijuk
Bogor , Bogor
  • Price : Rp250.000
  • Min Order: 5

Sapu Ijuk Bersih Jayahas a size of 30x38x2, 5 cm, more durable because ijuknya in select quality, equipped with a wooden handle that is already in a plastic coat hanger and equipped.Contact us for more information regarding this product.Thank you!

Seller :
UD. Bersih Jaya
Sumatera Utara , Medan
  • 1
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