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Paper Cup Kertas

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Price Paper Cup Gelas Kertas Polos Rp 2,255
Price Paper Bowl Printing - Kemasan Bakso - Cup Soup - Mangkok Kertas - Sup Cup Rp 1,060
Price Paper Bowl 17oz - Mangkok Kertas - Paper Soup Cup Rp 1,075
Price Gelas Kertas 8 Oz Rp 450,000
Price Mangkok Kertas 24 oz sablon 1 warna Cs4 Rp 1,235
Price Cetak Bowl Cup 24oz ( Mangkuk Kertas ) - Double Wall Ful Colour Rp 1,450
Price Cetak Paper Bowl Cup 17oz atau Mangkok Kertas 17oz Rp 1,215
Price Papper Cup & Bowl Rp 2,000
Price Soup Cup paper 24 Oz size 720 ml atau cup kertas soup Rp 1,025
Price Paper Bowl 24oz / Mangkok Kertas 24oz / Mangkok Soup / Mangkuk Kertas Rp 1,235