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Body Care

WHITE TREACHERY OIL (Oleum Turtuca Javanica)For men and womenEffective for:1. Restore/smoothes facial skin, wrinkles and skin tightening slows down2. cure acne, exfoliate skin returns subject to hot water, heat/exhaust and treat skin itching, Eczema (with smeared)3. zoom in andBreast toning (applied topically)4. Remove black Fleck Fleck-diwajah/Age

  • Price : Rp20.000
  • Min Order: 1
Seller :
CV. Megah Beauty
Jakarta , Jakarta Utara
Body Care

Oil Is FoundAsiatic Softshell turtle oil (Oleum Turfuce Javanica) extracted from a sari found oil original through the process of drying out thus producing oil pure fleeced without chemicals and no side effects to health.Oil Is Found Effective For:Lift the flecks of black spots due to Sun or the wearing of cosmetics that do not match the facial wri

  • Price : Rp20.000
  • Min Order: 1
Seller :
Toko Amelialulur Shop
Yogyakarta , Yogyakarta

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Medical Medicine

Www.Obatfruitplant.Com / Hub 082113202202 Bb 238Af029Minyak Bulus PutihIsi 20 MlKhasiat Minyak Bulus Sangat Banyak Sekali, Biasanya Di Gunakan Untuk Berbagai Keperluan Pengobatan, Minyak Bulus Mempunyai Khasiat Yang Sangat Mujarab Untuk Kesehatan Kulit, Merawat Dan Mengobati Berbagai Macam Penyakit Kulit Lainnya. Khasiat Minyak Bulus Juga Untuk Men

  • Price : Rp50.000
  • Min Order: 1
Seller :
Pelangsing Herbal Fruit&Plant
Jakarta , Jakarta Timur
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