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Mini Magnetic Stirrer

Mini Magnetic Stirrer

Mini Magnetic Stirrer is stirrer fluids typically used in education and research laboratories. This tool is a mini-sized and has a speed between 0 ~ 2300 rpm. This tool can be operated at a temperature of 0 ~ 50 ° C Mini Magnetic Stirrer has a compact design making it easy consumer, lightweight and just need a little space. Some analysis of a material / chemical samples, preparation of a reagent, or analyte solution sometimes requires the mixing process. As the name suggests, this tool can not be removed with a magnetic bar that serves to perform the stirring. Testing laboratories, the pharmaceutical company, laboratory environment is a place where its often used.
Laboratory Hot Plate

Benchmark S1005 MiniMag™ Mini Magnetic Stirrer"Mini" sized, less than 3.5"

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CV. Andalan Prima Sejahtera
Bekasi , Bekasi
General Laboratorium Supplies

Specifications :Speed Range: 0~2300 rpmMaximum Stirring Capacity: 1000mlDimensions for working area:

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CV. Java Multi Mandiri
Jawa Tengah , Banyumas

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