Level Sensor

Level Sensor

Have you ever heard the word censorship? And did you know kind of - kind of sensor types? In general, the sensor is a device used to detect changes in the physical or chemical environment. There are various types of sensors and thus have different functions also vary. Level Sensor as the name suggests serves to detect the level of substances flowing freely. These substances include liquids such as water, oil, slurry and solids such as grain / powder (solids can flow). Sensor level measurement system is divided into two point level and continuous level. Point level is a measurement of discrete / digital switching method which is usually used as an example switching signal to the level of the low-low, low, high, high-high. Continuous level measurement using the analog (4-20 mA) as an example of the level sensor that uses the working principle of the microwave (microwave radar) or sound waves (ultrasonic).

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