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Chemical Storage Equipment

We provide special glue Acrylic (Acrylic) high quality. The uniqueness of the Chemical Which can even Aggravate Polyacryl 3 types of Plastic Sheet one another With highly reliable adhesive strength many years such as polycarbonate and ps mikaA solution of Glue Contact Polyacryl This Chick over the Acrylic Sheet Wearers consumer needs and based on t

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  • Price : Rp316.000
  • Min Order: 100
Seller :
PT. Insoclay Acidatama Indonesia
Banten , Kota Tangerang
Glue Building

-1 Component (direct use)-Neutral (no smell)-Quick dry-Suitable to use on wood, concrete, marble, tiles, walls, joints around doors and Windows, langit2, cover the hole around the AIR CONDITIONING-Available colors: white, greyTECH SPECBase: Acrylic LatexAppearance: PasteSpecific gravity: 1.600.05Tack free time: 10 minApplication temp: 5 c to 50 cSh

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  • Price : Rp17.600
  • Min Order: 24
  • Brand : glazing akrilik
Seller :
PT. Indo Karya Anugerah
Jakarta , Jakarta Pusat

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Acrylic BasedAcrylic based adhesive is one of the most common types of adhesives. Acrylic adhesives bond well towards many substrates and can also have a PSA characteristics. Water based acrylic adhesives has a cost advantage over solvent based acrylic adhesives.

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  • Price : CALL
  • Min Order: 200
  • Brand : macro adhesive
Seller :
PT Makro Rekat Sekawan
Jakarta , Jakarta Barat
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