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Head Light

This head lamp is usually used in a location that needs the light of illumination, such as underground mining. Night and day in the tunnel is no different, equally dark. That is why, Lamp Head compulsory subject. These lights can be powered battery (wet elements) or battery (dry element) were hanged at the waist. Compared to batteries, battery packs have some disadvantages, apart from the size and weight of a heavier battery, sulfuric acid leaking fluid can damage clothing.

Kiseki Head Lamp is a 10 watt head lamp for professionals. The product supports high-level LED light

  • Price : Rp120.000
Response Rate :
Seller :
CV. Tekad Jaya
Jawa Timur , Surabaya

Safety helmet, head lamp is auxiliary lighting aids in the semal on the helmet work or helmet projec

  • Price : Rp1
Response Rate :
Seller :
CV. Ben Berkarya
DKI Jakarta , Jakarta Pusat
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