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Glass Whiteboard

In the past we know Blackboard made of plywood board as media write, then gradually becoming obsolete because of not Blackboard practical and tend danger of lime used, 90s Blackboard replaced with Whiteboard made of melamine and wet using a marker pen. But now began the 2000s Whiteboard also began to be abandoned due to difficult clean up the remaining ink stick, then introduced a new media called Whiteboard Glass or Caucasian people called it Glass Board. This medium proved to be more practical and correct the problem in which the Whiteboard ink in melamine difficult to be removed cleanly. Glass Whiteboard marker ink with attached can be cleaned 99% because the surface is made of glass Whiteboard very smooth and impermeable so easily removed with an eraser. Glass Whiteboard Selian it has a nice design so as to give the impression of elegance and modern.

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