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Tilapia is almost similar to tilapia fish, have a body of medium size with a maximum length of 30 cm, black and gray. This fish is most easily cultivated because growing very fast. Unique facts of this fish after mating is she (the mother) has a habit of sucking eggs that have been fertilized in the oral cavity. This behavior is called mouth breeder (incubating eggs in the mouth). Tilapia is usually burned to be enjoyed, if you want a different processed fish can pan tauco with pepper slices added that many real spicy sweet and sour tilapia will provide different sensations on your tongue.
Frozen Seafood

Get a price for the purchase of face with the following: RP-250,000.0 Rp-1,000,000.0 discount 3%. = RpYellow; " 5,001,000.0 Rp-10,000,000.0 Rp-15% discount = 76,500 Usd/kg RP 10,001,000.0-up, 20% discount = Rp 72,000/kg Crab Soka RUM is one of the frozen seafood product line up of RUM is the Seafood Crab soka selections, processed hygieni

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reply_all 55%
  • Price : Rp25.000
  • Min Order : 1
  • Brand : rum
Seller :
RUM Seafood
Jawa Timur , Sidoarjo
  • Price : CALL
  • Min Order : 1
Seller :
CV. Erinda
DKI Jakarta , Jakarta Selatan

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