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Gula Kristal Putih

  • Price : Rp11.850
  • Min Order: 1
  • Brand : ptpn x ptpn xi rni kba
Granulated Sugar

We sell ready-White crystal sugar consumption comes from more than 30 Sugar Mills that are scattered in East Java. Purchase in large quantities (+ 10ton) free shipping. Serving the eastern Indonesia Island, beyond the price FOB shipping point (until the port of Surabaya).  More info please feel free to contact us and visit our Green. KH Mansyu

Seller :
PT Sumber Lancar
Jawa Timur , Surabaya
  • Price : CALL
  • Min Order: 1
  • Brand : gula kristal rafinasi

White sugar or refined sugar, suitable for the beverage industry, food, pharmaceutical, etc.WHITE CRYSTAL SUGAR cheap brand AP, BMM, PDSU, etc.

Seller :
PT BEZ Makmur Indonesia
Bogor , Bogor

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PD.DEWI JAYA SENTOSAProvides white sugar I (GKP I) made from sugarcane processed Genuine Clean and hygienic

Seller :
PD. Dewi Jaya Sentosa
Banten , Kota Tangerang
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