Garam Himalaya

Himalayan Salt

Selling cheap Himalayan Salt from Distributors, Suppliers, Importers, Stores from all over Indonesia. Buy Himalayan Salt Wholesale directly from the First Seller in Indonesia. Because this salt is also known as Himalayan pink salt. Despite the name Himalaya, it turns out that this salt was not harvested in the Himalayas. This salt was apparently harvested in hilly areas in Punjab, Pakistan. Uniquely, this salt is pink and has a rough texture like gravel. The salt pink color is obtained from the amount of mineral content and iron. Himalayan salt is also believed to provide good health benefits, such as overcoming low libido and anti-aging. This salt can be used to make any food such as sushi, vegetables, even to make dessert.

Rp 1.125.000
Rp 1.125.000
Rp 200.000