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Besi Plat Eser

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Iron Plate

The specification Plate Iron Plate/eser Plat Eser for construction is generally made from steel and aluminium with the shape sheet. The difference with steel plate on top of the plate surface is bordes has a regular flow on one side. The thickness of the plate bordes are also provided in many variations. Function or the application of plate bordes

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Multi Jaya Megah
Jawa Timur , Surabaya
  • Price : Rp8.000
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Iron Plate

Eser iron plate is a sheet iron plate surface plate price.The Eser122 × 1mm 244 USD. 210.000, -122 × 244 1.2mm Rp. 230.000, -122 × 244 1.5mm Rp. 280.000, -122 × 244 1.8mm Rp. 340.000, -122 × 244 2mm Rp. 370.000, -122 × 244 2.5mm Rp. 480,000 -122 × 244 3mm Rp. 585.000, -122 × 244 4mm Rp. 600.000, -122 × 244 5mm Rp. 840,000, -122 × 244 6mm Rp. 1,000.

Seller :
Jakarta , Jakarta Timur

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