Bahan Kimia Pembersih

Chemical Cleaning

Chemical Cleaning distinguished on the main ingredient (active ingredient) that serves as a surfactant, and additives (additives) that serves as an amplifier (builder), softener (on clothing), coloring, flavor concentrates (fragrances), preservatives, thickeners, and medium (solvent). The presence of surfactant, then the grease or dirt that was not miscible with water, can now be mixed with water, so that the fat or dirt can be released or removed from its place attached. Chemical cleaners do not effervesce in hard water. Hard water is water that contains salts of calcium carbonate (CaCO3) or salt magnesium carbonate (MgCO3). Washing hands with plain soap is good, which is important certainly have scrub and wash the entire surface of the hands, palms and in between the fingers. For hygiene, not the views of how long we wash them but how much can be washed surfaces soap and then rinsed thoroughly. Soap and water work together to wash away germs.