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Cotton Goods

cotton is one of the most comfortable fabric to wear. Cotton fabrics made from natural fibers so that the fabric is still comfortable to use despite the hot air. Non-allergy: Allergies are not only caused by food or drink alone. However, the clothes we wear can also cause allergies. Cotton fabric made of natural fibers and elasis lemubut very comfortable to use by all skin types. For those of you with sensitive skin, it is advisable to wear this skin type. Not humid: Cotton cloth can absorb sweat from the body. This fabric is best used for exercise or when the weather is very hot. Properties of cotton fabric which can absorb sweat makes the skin becomes moist and will certainly minimize the growth of yeast and bacteria. Soft and strong: The fabric is soft and elastic very comfortable to wear and softness able to prevent the skin from irritation. Not only that cotton also terbut of natural cotton fibers that make this fabric has properties that are durable and strong.

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