Visco Prima Indonesia is a distributor of reliable water treatment plant products that specifically supply tools such as Sand Filter, Activated Carbon Filter, Water Softener, Demineralization, Dealkalizer, Mixed-bed, both automatic and manual. In addition we also provide Reverse Osmosis, Ultraviolet and ozone systems, as well as system support tools such as Chemical Dosing Pump (LMI Milton Roy - USA, Ailipu, Prominent, Chemtech), water analysis test kit. Also available are filter media such as: Silica Sand, Activated Carbon (Calgon - USA, Jacobi - Sweden), Manganese Green Sand Plus (USA), Cation Resin & Anion Resin (Dowex, Tulsion and Lewatit) and others at retail or wholesale. In addition We also serve the installation services of Clean Water Treatment and Waste Water Treatment Installation Services

We also supply VISCO CHEMICAL specially designed for boiler water treatment, cooling water treatment (cooling tower, chiller, radiator). Also chemical support for sedimentation, coagulation, and chemical maintenance membrane element RO. In addition we provide fuel oil treatment, coal additive and chemical cleaning (cleaner) such as descaling boiler, heat exchanger, fin coil, aluminum cleaner, metal protector.

In the supply of VISCO CHEMICAL for boiler and cooling water treatment, we offer service contract system with guaranteed result. Analyzes are conducted on a regular basis on the spot by a competent analyst. After one year of VISCO usage, if there is still crust and rust, We give free cleaning including chemical cleaning and technician service.

Products sold at PT Visco Prima Indonesia are assured of quality and authenticity at competitive prices, PT Visco Prima Indonesia will always provide the best service for you.

For Consultation and technical information, please contact
Herry, SSi
0813 64639482
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