House or building you are no problems with electricity? Seang or you want to build electrical installations? Of course planning the electrical installation plan is very important because in order to avoid the undesirable events such as short-circuited due to an error stream.

Indotrading can provide solutions to you, we have a database Indotrading.com Electrical Technician services that can help you in dealing with electrical problems dibangunan you well.

Integra Automa Solusi By PT Integra Automa Solusi

PT. Integra Automa SolusiPT. Integra Automa Solusi Is The Development Of Cv Integra Automa Which Is Well Known To Provide A Solution To The System Of "Electrical & Automation". With The Support Of Qualified Human Resources From Leading University In Indonesia, Ugm, Itb, Ui, And Undip We Hope To Improve The Service More Professional And Better And Be Able To Satisfy All Parties.The Main Focus Of Pt Integra Automa Solusi Is To Give Providing For The Field "Electrical And Automation" Is Oriented To The Green TechnologyElectrical: 1. Supply Electrical Panel For System - Low Voltage (Tr) And - Medium Voltage (Tm), As Well As - The Components Of Supporters - Supply Capacitor Bank Panels For Electric Power Efficiency And Avoid Penalties Kvarh Of Pln - Metering System: Power Meters, Kwh Meter, Analog Meters - Service Repair Panel Systems, Analysis Of Case / Problem Related To The Electrical System2 Automation: - Energy Management System (Ems) To Facilitate The Management Of Energy Consumption To Obtain The Energy Consumption Patterns Of Effective And Efficient - Automatic Billing System (Abs) System To Facilitate The Calculation Of Electrical Energy Consumption By Each Tenant / User Ddalam A Building, Office Or Shopping Center - Water Treatment Plant (Wtp) Is A System To Automate The Processing System Of Water Resources, From The Raw Materials To Be Final Quality Is Expected, Taking Into Account The Efficiency Of Energy Use And Chemical Raw Materials Used3 Audit Energy - Conduct An Energy Audit To Get An Overview Of Energy Consumption At A Site / Plant In Order To Identify Sources Of Energy Waste That No Recommendation That Steps Can Be Taken To Minimize - Perform The Implementation Of The Recommendations Of The Energy Audit So That The Energy Conservation Becomes A Real Step

6 Year
Samudra Cipta Engineering By CV. Samudra Cipta Engineering

Cv Samudra Cipta Engineering Is A Company Engaged In Electric Panel Manufacturers. We sell Electric Panel, Motor Control Center (MCC), Synchrone Panel, LVMDB, ATS AMF Genset Panel, Genset Panel, PLC. We are located in Sidoarjo. The products that we sell have good quality and have proven their superiority.

Berkat Mandiri By Berkat Mandiri

Berkat Mandiri is a company engaged in the copper cable industry. We are located in Jakarta. Our products have superior quality and quality so they can be relied on for your industry.

1 Year

Berkat Mandiri

Zi-Techasia (Zuellig Industrial) By PT. Zi-Techasia (Zuellig Industrial)

PT. ZI-Techasia (Zuellig Industrial) is a company engaged in industrial automation / automation solutions / product suppliers / control system integrators / panel makers. We are located in South Jakarta. Our products are of superior quality and are therefore reliable for your company's needs.

Yokomindo Makmur Perkasa By PT  Yokomindo Makmur Perkasa

PT. Yokomindo Makmur Perkasa was established on 6 June 1995 engaged in some areas where the implemention is divide into several division which:Division Manufacture of Electrical Switch BoardDivision Electrical & Instrumentation ContractorDivision Supply and Trading Electrical ComponentPT. Yokomindo Makmur Perkasa is a Panel Maker and Contractor for many brands component such as : Fuji, Schneider, Terasaki, LG, ABB, Siemens, Mitsubishi, etc.For Other Products ( Brands of Transformer & Cable ) : Trafoindo, Starlite, Unindo & Kabelindo, Tranka, Etc.Our Mission is Providing Excelent Service, Competitive Prices and the Best Solution to all Customers.Our Vision is to be the Company Preeminent in the Provision of Engineered Switchboard to Industry with Support in Every Time and all the Time.Our Job Description is Provide Consulting, Designing, Modifying, Upgrading / Retrofitting, Training, Troubleshooting, and Trading.Our Dedicated is Provide products and services which consistenly meet or exceed Customer expectation at a fair and competitive PriceFuji brands (Japan Product)Terasaki brands (Japan Product)Mitsubishi brands (Japan Product)Schneider brands (Europe Product)Siemens Brands (Europe Product)Moeller ( Europe Product )ABB ( Switzerland Product )Elimsan Brands ( Turkey Product )LS Industrial Systems Co Ltd (Korea Product)Trafindo Brands (Indonesia Product)Kabel Metal Indonesia BrandsJembo BrandsSupreme Cable BrandsHelita Pulsar ( French Product )VishayCircutoretc___________________________________________________________________________________From 1995 to 2018, We have energized on these following factories :§ Power Plant : GI. Ciganea PJT II, PLTD Lombok, PLTD Coal Gasifier Pulau Kundur§ Mining : PT. Aneka Tambang§ Shoes Factory : PT. Victory Chingluh Indonesia, PT. Dong Joe, PT. Spotec Indonesia, PT. Panarub Industry, PT. Panarub Dwikarya, PT. Chun Cherng, PT. Bitung Inti Cemerlang,§ Textile & Polymer : PT. Mitra Jaya Sakti Sentosa, PT. Sulindafin, Externtex, Tifico, PT. Sing Wealth Textiles. PT. Kahatex.§ Recreation Park : Water Boom (Grama) Tirta - Jatiluhur§ Printing & Publishing : PT. Temprint, PT. Enka Parahiyangan, PT. Jayakarta Agung Offset, PT. Bukit Muria Jaya, PT. Citra Kertaswara§ Plastic & Packaging : PT. Yasunli Abadi Utama Plastic, PT. Artha Utama Plastic§ Chemical : PT. Lautan Otsuka Chemical, PT. Sulfindo Adiusaha§ Food & Beverage : PT. Sinar Sosro, PT. Indofood Sukses Makmur, PT. Jawa Manis Rafinasi, PT. Permata Dunia Sukses Utama, PT. Srikaya, PT. Adya Boga Pranata Industries,§ Rubber & Tire : PT. Suryaraya Rubberindo Industries, PT. Cabot Indonesia, PT. Elang Perdana, Toshin Rubber (Sub PT. Rakintam)§ Hotels : Aquila Bandung§ Steel : PT. Kratatau Engineering, PT. Indoprima Bajaraksa, PT. Citra Tanamas, PT. Alphacon Valfindo, Fusuke Factory, PT. Krakatau Bandar Samudra, Toray Polytech Jakarta,§ Water : PT. Pam Lyonnaise Jaya, PT. Tirta Kencana Cahaya Mandiri, Perum Jasa Tirta II§ Paint & Thinner : PT. Jotun Powder Coating Indonesia§ Mall & Plaza : PT. Sumarecon Agung – Kelapa Gading Mall, Barito Plaza, Harco Glodok§ Automotive Factory : PT. Asia Motor Industries, Bakrie Motor, Toyota Astra Motor, PT. Futaba Nusa Persada, MII (Isuzu Phase), Showpla Factory, NGK Ceramic Indonesia, Koyo Radiator Factory, KLN, Kayaba, YIMM Parts Center, Koyo Jaya Indonesia, Jideco, PT. Ishikawa Indonesia§ Electronic Factory : Sony Factory, Sharp Yasonta, Taisho Electric, PT. LG Cikarang, PT. LG Legok, PT. Dongyang Indonesia, Epson Factory, PT. Panasonic, Seiko Epson Factory, Matsushita, CDC Tanjung Priuk, Epson III,§ Port : Bitung Port, PT. Krakatau Bandar Samudra§ Ceramic : PT. Surya Toto Indonesia, PT. Muliaglass§ Cosmetic : Tancho,§ Consumer goods : PT. Kao Indonesia§ Cable : PT. Dharma Electrinco Manufacturing§ Heavy Equipment : PT. Komatsu Forging Indonesia, PT. Komatsu Undercarriage Indonesia§ Spare Part Oto : Maruhide , Somic, Ishikawa§ Building Materials : PT. Indoblock Mitra Lestari Industri

4 Year
Sinar Utama Grounding By Sinar Utama Grounding

SINAR UTAMA GROUNDING Is a company engaged as a provider of goods and services Grounding Systems, Lightning Protection, Exothermic Welding & Cathodic Protection including:1. GROUNDING SYSTEM:A. Earthing Rod, Grounding Rod or Copper Rod, Copper Clad Steel or Copper Bonded Rod B. Grounding Clamp or Earthing Clamp C. Grounding Cable; BC Cable, HIS Cable, 2 x 35mm Coaxial CableD. Parallel Clamp or Parallel Group E. Grounding Cement or Conductive Cement F. Cable Connector and so on2. LIGHTNING PROTECTION A. Non-Radioactive Electro Static Lightning Protection; KURN, THOMAS, GENT, VIKING, ERICO SYSTEM 3000, LPI GUARDIAN, LPI STORMASTER, PREVECTRON, FLASH FECTRON and so on.B. Conventional Lightning Protection or Lightning Protection Needle; ERICO, FURSE, LOCAL, etc.C. Monopole Pole or Lightning Pole with a height of 20m, 25m, 30m and others3. EXOTHERMIC WELDINGA. Graphite Moud or Molding (Cadweld Prints) B. Extothermic Powder, Gunpowder C. Handle Clamp or Pliers Molding D. Flint Gun or LightersE. Tools & Accessories4. COPPER PLATE A. Copper Strip Plate & Aluminum Strip PlateB. Copper Bus Bar or CU Bar C. Aluminum Bus BarsD. Galvanized Bus Bar and others5. GROUNDING SYSTEM INSTALLATION SERVICES  Include; Power Plants, Railroad Tracks, Buildings, Factories, Housing or Commercial Buildings, Telecommunication Tower (BTS), Warehouses, etc.6. LIGHTNING PROTECTION INSTALLATION SERVICES  Include; Power Plants, Railroad Tracks, Buildings, Factories, Housing or Commercial Buildings, Telecommunication Tower (BTS), Warehouses, etc.7. EXOTHERMIC WELDING - CADWELDING or CADWELD INSTALLATION SERVICES  Include; Power Plants, Railroad Tracks, Buildings, Factories, Housing or Commercial Buildings, Telecommunication Tower (BTS), Warehouses, etc.FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT PROCUREMENT OF GOODS AND SERVICES IN OUR COMPANY, PLEASE CONTACT US.TATANG T / SISWANTOPT. MAIN SINAR GROUNDINGOffice:Jl. Utan Kayu Raya No. 49 C, Matraman - East JakartaIndonesia 14310Tel. + 62 21 21381900, 29827728Fax. + 62 21 85909641Mobile: 0858 8899 3277, 0813 1010 5021Email: sug.grounding@gmail.com / sug@materialgrounding.co.idwebsite: www.sinarutamagrounding.comWorkshop:OLD KENARI MARKET  Jl. Salemba Raya - AKS Old Walnut MarketJakarta Pusat - Indonesia

7 Year

Over time and increasing industrial growth Need for Goods & Services has become a major requirement for the company.We PT. TJA MAJU INDONESIA is a company engaged in the Procurement of Goods and Services. We move to equip the needs of industrial needs with Industrial Mechanical & Electrical Services as well as Procurement of industrial engineering needs in general.Through various processes that we went through, we began to clean up until we set our standards both from the material and the standards of our workforce in a professional manner.

1 Year
Anugrah Metalindo By CV. Anugrah Metalindo

Anugrah Metalindo are a pioneer in providing the best quality and service for our customers. With our experience of more than 15 years in inverter electronic repair, we are committed to providing quality repairs and service services at competitive prices. We are supported by reliable and experienced technicians, as well as adequate workshop equipment. Anugrah Metalindo is always ready to become your trusted partner and industrial electronics partner with job services throughout Indonesia.

6 Year
Dita Utama By PT. Dita Utama

PT Dita Utama Provide A Reliable Solution In The Field Of Maintenance Service And Repair A Wide Range Of Air Tools, Mechanical Or Electrical. Supported By Professional Technicians And Experienced In Their Field, PT Main Dita Providing Services That Are Innovative, Creative And Effective.On The Basis Of Our Awareness Of The Importance And Value Of Corporate Assets Such As Equipment Mechanical - Electrical As A Means To Achieve Maximum Productivity, We Hope Our Professional Services Can Support Either Directly Or Indirectly, To Prevent Or Overcome The Existing Problems.PT Main Dita Always Give A Commitment In Terms Of Improving Quality Of Care By Providing A Guarantee For All The Work That We Have, Do, In Order To Achieve Customer Satisfaction Standards.

8 Year

PT. Dita Utama

Sentra Elektrikal Prima By PT Sentra Elektrikal Prima

PT. SENTRA ELEKTRIKAL PRIMA is a company engaged in the field of General Supplier, manufacture, planning and repair electrical switchboard (electrical panel) such as LVMDP, Capasitor Bank, AMF, ATS, Syncron Generator, to serve the needs of industry and offices throughout Indonesia.Over time, we are also experienced in doing Mechanical Electrical Project, such as repair and maintenance of transformer, electrical panel, generator / generator, air conditioner, and other Mechanical Electrical project.COMMITMENT :Management is committed to be able to provide satisfaction to customers in terms of quality, Occupational Safety and Health as well as ensuring the provision of services to customers (Customer) by making repairs on a continuous basis.

5 Year
Power System Indonesia By PT Power System Indonesia

PT. Power System Indonesia started its operation as Engineering consulting for Power Plants and industrials, the company have been growth and was start to manufacturing Medium voltage Switchgear, Low Voltage Switchgear / MCC, and Unitized Package Substation (conventional and Walk in Type), Lighting Pole, Neutral Grounding Resistor and Neutral Grounding Transformer. The Company was certify for ISO 9001 - quality assurance system for manufacturing & service, and managed directly by professionally and technically qualified personnel who are having managerial and Technical experience over than 20 years in Companies involved in High/ Low Voltage Switchgear and MCC, The company has got adequate manufacturing and testing facilities and qualified and experienced personnel. The company is having a well organized R & D & QC Department with qualified and experienced Engineers and Technicians for development and certification of new products.

4 Year
Petirindo Jaya Abadi By PT. Petirindo Jaya Abadi

PT. Petirindo Jaya Abadi We are Company Engaged In General Trading, Especially For Procurement, Installation, Service, Engineering, And Supplier Of PLN. PT Petirindo Jaya Abadi Is Supported By Professional, Competent Engineer, Technical And Project Teams In Their Field. The Products And Services We Offer Are As Follows: I. Trade Sector 1. Panel And Swicthboard Components Include: Metering: Kwh Meter, Power Analizer, Capacitors: Bank Capacitors, Repairs, Kvar Fines Panel: Amr Panel, Panel TM, Panel Tr 2. Bank Capacitors Include: 200 - 1000 Kvar, Substitution and New Installation, Measurement and Services Existing Bank Capacitor Analysis Report. 3. Medium Voltage Tm Includes: Incoming and Outgoing 24Kv, Metering Dan VCB Incoming and Outgoing, LVMDP And PUTR. 4. AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) Panel Includes: Installation, Procurement of App Box 63Kva, 83Kva, 131Kva, 197 Kva and Kwh Meter, Modem Communication. (Edmi, Fuji Dharma, Metbelosa) 5. Lightning Protection Includes: Installation (Single Pole Type, Integrated with Building and Above), Antidote Head Sales (Brand Cirprotec, Helita, Flasvektron, Current), Measurement of Potential Differences (Grounding) For More Details Below: Bambang Kuncoro, St Mail: bambang@petirindo.com Or petirindojaya@gmail.com

1 Year
Ahesy Engineering By CV. Ahesy Engineering

CV. AHESY ENGINEERING (AE) is an established company engaged in the business of Electrical and Maintenance Genset, stabilizer, transformer and procurement of other goods and services. Genset Service & Installation Service. Genset service & installation service supported by professional, timely and responsible mechanics and affordable price and have experience 10 years in their field We are ready to repair 5 KVA generator capacity up to 2200 KVA for Deutz, MAN, Marcedes, Volvo and Deutz, MAN, Marcedes, Volvo , Perkins, Cummins, MWM, Komatsu, CAT, Kubota, Daewoo DOOSAN, Yanmar and Mitsubishi. Spare Parts Genset We also sell genset spare parts for the purposes of overhaul or maintenance genset with the best price. We have enough sparepart supplies. Installation Genset We provide installation services such as generator set genset, installation of fuel pipe, ducting and exhaust manufacture, home generator set, sound prooling home genset and exhaust installation.

3 Year
Arta Usaha Mandiri By Arta Usaha Mandiri

CV. Arta Usaha Mandiri is engaged in electric and automation systems. As an official distributor of Skydrive Inverters. We serve the sale of Skydrive Inverter products along with the installation and setting of the Inverter. We are also experienced in making a system for integrating a machine using PLC and Inverter. We also provide PLC program services starting from Siemens PLC Program services, Mitsubishi PLCs, Schneider PLCs, Omron PLCs, etc. We also sell MDP Electric Panel Boxes, ATS Genset Electrical Panel Boxes, and other electrical panels. Products guaranteed and affordable prices.

3 Year
Anugerah Tricipta Otomasi By PT. Anugerah Tricipta Otomasi

Welcome to the website of PT. An Automated Tricipta Award.We are a System Integrator company that provides services in the field of Electrical and Automation Control Systems. The services offered are the design and installation of electrical panel installations (such as PLC panels, inverter panels, distribution panels, server panels or other panels), PLC-HMI-SCADA programming, wiring installation of data cables, CCTV, Smarthome.In addition we are also resellers for Schneider, Socomec, Weintek, Commax, and other brand products. If there is an inquiry, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are ready to support you, thank you.

Bima Utama Sukses Mandiri By PT. Bima Utama Sukses Mandiri

PT. BIMA UTAMA SUKSES MANDIRIWith respect,February 2010 stands PT Bima Utama Sukses mandiri is engaged in security systems and IT. We started our business as a distributor of several security and IT products. We provide services such as designing, installing, contracting and maintenance services. There is also what we offer to the Customer is we give the Best Total Solution System with a quality product and after-sales service can be reliable. The Product that we market:SECURITY SURVEILLANCE SYSTEMCCTV System, Guard Tour System, Fingerprint, Barrier Gate, Metal Access Control Detector, Hotel Lock system, Underground Metal Detector, Turnstile System, X-RAY System, Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS)NETWORK TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATEDExtenders, Audio / Video Matrix Switches, Server Environment Monitoring Syatem, KVM Drawers, KVM Switches, KVM Converters, KVM & Video Splitters, Consular Srial Switches, Video Switches, CablesVision:Providing the best solution for mutual benefit with customers.Mission:Building a sustainable company that can make a positive contribution to Customers and the spirit of togetherness in facing any problems exist. With good Ethics and Ahlak we believe we can provide the best for our customers.Best regardsPT Bima Utama Sukses mandiriRESDINANTO.STbitama_group@yahoo.com

Vintech Power By Vintech Power

Vintech Power is a company engaged in Supplies Hydraulic Equipment & Service Engineering. We are located at LTC Lt. GF 1 Blok C6 No.7 Jl Hayam wuruk no.127, Jakarta Barat 11180. Our products have proven their quality and superiority so that they can be relied upon for your industry.Our company also has a workshop that serves to repair hydraulic pumps & motors, ETC.If you have any questions, please contact our marketing & engineering team at 021-22682714/081317094234

3 Year

Vintech Power

Geum Cheon Engineering By PT. Geum Cheon Engineering

Company PT. Geum Cheon Engineering has been registered as a Verified Supplier at Indotrading.com. This company located at Jl. Raya Serang KM12 Ds. Sukadamai RT. 01 Rw. 05 Cikupa - Tanggerang, Kota Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia.This company sell Jasa Metal Proses,Acrilic

Sabiq Multi Energi By PT  Sabiq Multi Energi

MANUFACTUR INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT & CONTRACTOR Our PT. Sabiq MULTI ENERGY is a company engaged in the Services Maintenance, Repair, and Fabrication Machinery / Equipment Industry / Mechanical / Electrical for Enterprises Power Plant, Marine, Oil, Gas & Other Industries (Textile Company, Automotive Company, Chemical Industries, Pulp & Paper Mills, Cement Industries etc.). Especially for reconditioning work, Service, Fabrication and Technical Supply. Scope Company (Off Work Scope) we are: 1. Design & Engineering ~ Moul & Dies ~ Jig & Fixture ~ Rotating & Stationary Equipment 2. Metal Spray, Rebabit Bearings & Ceramic Coating 3. Overhaul Engine & Pump ~ Diesel Engine (Yanmar, MAK, Caterpillar, MAN, Daihatsu, etc.) ~ Wheel Loader (Caterpillar, Komatsu, Changlin etc.) ~ Centrifugal Pump, BFWP, SW Pump, Vacuum Pump etc. 4. Recondition & Fabrication Off Engine Parts ~ Cylinder Head, Piston Crown, Liner, Spindle Valve & Seating etc. ~ Screw Feeder, impellers, Gear, Shaft & Sleeve, Oil Cooler, Blower, etc. , 5. Project On Site / In Situ ~ Insitu Crank Shaft Grinding ~ In Situ land booring ~ In Situ Grinding Crank Shaft ~ Laser Alignment ~ On Line Leak Sealing ~ Balancing On Site 6. Engineering Team Overhaul

Pro Dieseline By PT. Pro Dieseline

PT PRODIESELINE is a company engaged in the sale of spare parts / generator sets / diesel engines and filters. The products we sell include oil filters, solar filters, air filters, automatic voltage regulators, feul pumps, diode rotating, actuators etc.Location of the company: Cileungsi, BOGOR.Commercial addres: Ruko Limus Pratama Regency.E-mail: jafyes@yahoo.com