AC Technician

AC Technician

Air conditioning is one room that is very widely used, but when you are broken ac course definitely room you will feel hot and stuffy. When the ac is broken you do not need to replace them with new ones, has a database of qualified AC service technician who can overcome any damage to your air conditioner.

Sarana Makmur Mandiri By PT. Sarana Makmur Mandiri

PT Sarana Makmur Mandiri is a manufacture company of polyurethane sandwich panel, cold storage and condensing unit machine production.Established in 2010, our company is located in Surabaya City with convenient transportation and advantages resource.Related to the manufacture of polyurethane sandwich panels and condensing unit machine, we also able to design, make a calculation of cooling capacity, construct cold storage rooms and all necessary refrigeration equipment also accessories with guaranteed stable quality.

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Sumber Wahana Teknik By PT. Sumber Wahana Teknik

Our company is engaged in the field of refrigeration, among others are: 1. Air Handling Unit (AHU). 2. Cooling Coil: • Evaporator Coil • finned Heat Exchanger • Shell and Tube • Repair and retubing 3. Chiller: • Water Chiller • Water Chiller • Cold Storage 4. Compressor Hermetic and Semi Hermatic Our company serves the purchase and installation throughout Indonesia. We give warranty for all our products and supported by experienced technicians. For further information please contact us: Tel: 081282878847, 081213300453, 02135999088, 02180240555 Email: or visit us: http: / /

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Dita Utama By PT. Dita Utama

PT Dita Utama Provide A Reliable Solution In The Field Of Maintenance Service And Repair A Wide Range Of Air Tools, Mechanical Or Electrical. Supported By Professional Technicians And Experienced In Their Field, PT Main Dita Providing Services That Are Innovative, Creative And Effective.On The Basis Of Our Awareness Of The Importance And Value Of Corporate Assets Such As Equipment Mechanical - Electrical As A Means To Achieve Maximum Productivity, We Hope Our Professional Services Can Support Either Directly Or Indirectly, To Prevent Or Overcome The Existing Problems.PT Main Dita Always Give A Commitment In Terms Of Improving Quality Of Care By Providing A Guarantee For All The Work That We Have, Do, In Order To Achieve Customer Satisfaction Standards.

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PT. Dita Utama

Mandiri Artha Renova By CV. Mandiri Artha Renova

CV. Artha Mandiri Renova Company Is engaged in Overhoul Engine Services, Electric Equipment Service, Recondition Parts And Others With The Best Quality.


PT. PENTA DAYA SARANA adalah perusahaan yg bergerak dibidang Suplier Kimia Aplikasi ( Degreaser water base, Cleaning Solvent, Silicones, Cleaners, Rust Protector, Pickling Chemical, Phosphating, Water Treatment, Oil & Grease, Fuel Additive, Waste water, dll). Juga kami menyediakan jasa Cleaning untuk Pipa Lubrikasi, Boiler, Chiller, Cooling tower, AHU, Evaporator, Radiator, dll. Termasuk Oil Flushing dan Oil Filtering.

Multi Mandiri Anugrah Pratama By CV. Multi Mandiri Anugrah Pratama

COMPANY BACKGROUNDIn the present time the needs of the comfort of the room, especially the better air conditioning system is increasingly in need especially in Companies, Offices, Hotels, Social Institutions, Houses of Worship, Shopping Center and entertainment as well as high rise buildings and so forth. The moment where people will try to bring the maximum service to all the necessities of life and comfort in the room without reducing the enjoyment of the facilities that we feel so far. The moment where our lives will be more interesting, flexible, safe, comfortable with the spirit of better and perfect science from day to day. The moment in which the world of air system must be able to integrate technology and communication in every activity. So that any work that is born will be a pride for the children of the nation's grandchildren.Therefore, CV. Multi Mandiri Anugrah as a company engaged in the field of Air System will attempt to present the ideals together above as a form of seriousness we want to build comfort in the world of air system.CV. Multi Mandiri Anugrah was established on July 4th 2005 based on Jalan Madio Santoso mega mega mas complex Block AA-5 Medan 20239, Our company is engaged in procurement, installation, maintenance and Spare parts Air Conditioner, while we have cooperated with the company as a Distributor namely: 1. PT. SEMPOERNA ERKON PRATAMA - AC YORK 2. PT. PRATAMA SOLUTIONS SOLUTIONS - AC DAIKIN VRV - AC Mc Quay - AAF FiltersWe also provide continuous support and dedication from each solution of the products we offer. Every customer has different needs because of his professional approach by our trained staff in every solution to your satisfaction.OUR VISIONBecome the finest national-scale specialist Air Conditioner specialist with satisfactory work result through a trained and competent human resource.OUR MISSION- Build good communication among customers, suppliers, superiors, subordinates and fellow co-workers to create an open work environment by increasing the effectiveness and creativity of work oriented to customer satisfaction. - Improve employee welfare - Improve work efficiency for optimal work - Increase customer satisfaction for sustainable cooperation - Empowering employees with quality improvement, with mastery of technology and management for the sake of mutual progress.BUSINESS FIELDSAir Planning and System Works a. Air conditioning system design and AC unit layout b. Design calculation of cooling capacity requirements c. Sales of air conditioning units Split wall, cassette, ceiling, split duct d. Installation of AC unit e. Maintenance and repair of AC unit f. Maintenance and Cooling tower, Chiller, AHU g. Sale of Exhaust fan units as well as installation h. Making and Installing Hood kitchen

Samudera Tata Udara By PT. Samudera Tata Udara

Company PT SAMUDERA TATA UDARA has been registered as a Verified Supplier at This company located at JL. GRIYA HIJAU RAYA NO.15 , RUKO GRIYA HIJAU RAYA. ALAM SUTERA , TANGERANG SELATAN, Kota Tangerang Selatan, Banten, Indonesia.This company sell MENJUAL AC SPLIT WALL DAN AC CENTRAL085269462121 Androfa

Inti Jaya Mandiri By CV. Inti Jaya Mandiri

Company CV. Inti Jaya Mandiri has been registered as a Verified Supplier at This company located at komplek PCI blok E.34 No.6, cibeber, kota cilegon 42423, Kota Cilegon, Banten, Indonesia.This company sell komputer dan perlengkapannya,alat kantor

Sampoerna Erkon Pratama By PT. Sampoerna Erkon Pratama

Company PT SEP has been registered as a Verified Supplier at This company located at Taman meruya blok m no 1 , Jakarta Barat, DKI Jakarta, Indonesia.This company sell Ac york ,Sparepart


PT. BAMS TEKNIK INDONESIA is a Goods and Services Provider Company that specializes in the fields of Mechanical, Electrical, and Stationary. With enthusiasm and confidence in the capabilities of our human resources in the field of handling Mechanical, Electrical, and Stationary Works, as well as information technology support, as well as the equipment that we have, we are confident that we can complete every work entrusted to us well and in accordance scheduled time.

Anugerah Teknik Abadi By CV. Anugerah Teknik Abadi

The Company is engaged in the service Service AC Surabaya, Sidoarjo AC Service, AC Service Gedangan, Service AC Gresik, And Surrounding. In addition we are also engaged in the field of Electronic Commerce As Ac, Refrigerators Washing Machines, Etc.. We Founded in 2007, Departure Of Services And The Care Quality. We Stand And Emerging From A collection of professional technicians, So That It Allows Once the Engineers We can Meguasai Problems In The Face By pelangganya. Contact us if you / your company requires for Service AC Surabaya, Sidoarjo AC Service, AC Service Gedangan, Service AC Gresik, And Surrounding. While We Have Developed Our Professional And Also Very Aware if Shortage Still There, So We Advance Of Willpower And Customer Satisfaction With Always Bringing Values ​​Kinship, Deliberation For Consensus, Arif Suggest Something In It And uphold honesty. We Can Expect Good Giving Benefits To More Of The Customer Company. So We Always Accept And Apply Comments and constructive criticism for the sake of common good. We make use of services for your home or office Supplies, Services Service AC Surabaya, Sidoarjo AC Service, AC Service Gedangan, Service AC Gresik, And Surrounding. And We Operate For Surabaya and Surrounding Area: - At the Head Office Jl. Wonorejo Iii 120 Surabaya. - Branch Office Menganti - Gresik In Jl. Pelem Watu. - Branch Office Gedangan In Jl. Wira Bumi.

Sempurna Utama Indonesia By CV. Sempurna Utama Indonesia

CV. Sempurna Utama Indonesia Starting A Company Of Being Family Business Evolving Legal Entity Company in 2008. With the Spirit Want to Be Perfect And Top TodayCV. Sempurna Utama Indonesia Manned by Personnel Personnel Experience And Youth With Exceptional Achievement. Although We are aware Birth Of Small, Not Helpless And Not First With Commitment And Dedication We Sure Can Be Your Perfect Relationships And Primary In Being Solution for All Its Problems Based On High Technology For Modern Age Demands And EraGlobalisasi Current And Future to Come.CV. Sempurna Utama Indonesia Always Perfect Focus And Oriented On Manufacturing, Distribution and Services The Technology Base With The reference Effectiveness And Efficiency High, Demi Achieving Become a Leading Company That Meets the Needs In Goods And Services Based Technologies Useful for Progress Community Life Indonesia.Mission: 1. Provide Goods and Services Quality Based Technologies At Competitive Prices 2. Distribute Goods and Technology Based Services With Effective And Efficient 3. Educating Communities And Provide Best Services

King’s Service By CV. King’s Service

We are a provider of new pairs, perawatan/pemeliharaan, machine repair AIR CONDITIONING and engine cooling more that prioritizes the quality and honesty. We are fully aware of the importance of AIR CONDITIONING in the rumah/kantor You for the comforts of life and your work. Also, we understand, the privacy of your home or venue, so that quality and honesty as a corporate culture into our main stock to provide services to its customers. Without a large exploitable fare, we strive to provide the best service that saves your expenses. We service all brands, with the standard specifications according pabrikannya, ensures that our service will not be burdensome excess fare must be issued. With decades of experience in the field of service AIR CONDITIONING, then we sure can provide the best service for you. For more information about the services of the service we offer, please contact: Mr. Thamrin – King's Service JL Ketapang North 1 No. 52A, Central Jakarta Tel. 021-9444 6 888 (Esia), 021-9444 1 888 (Esia), 085106444888 (Flexi), 021-6334875, 021-6333218

Tukar Tambah AC Murah By CV. Tukar Tambah AC Murah

AR2 Cool Together ready to serve you with the best service, provide quality products guaranteed official as well as providing the best price that could be the first choice of customers.

casa teknik By PT  casa teknik

Pada awal tahun 2007 DUNIA SERVICE AC ( CV. SACA Teknik ) memulai usaha service ac di daerah Tangerang dan hanya melayani panggilan service baik service ac, service mesin cuci, service kulkas dan service water heater di sekitar bengkel. Melihat perkembangan dunia online, pada tahun 2008 DUNIA SERVICE AC ( CV.SACA Teknik ) mulai menawarkan jasa melalui internet dengan menggunakan website dengan nama Pada tahun 2010 DUNIA SERVICE AC ( CV.SACA Teknik ) mengganti dan menambahkan website menjadi seperti sekarang yaitu dan http;// . Serta fokus pada jasa layanan service ac saja dan hanya sewaktu-waktu melayani service elektorik lainnya. DUNIA SERVICE AC ( CV.SACA Teknik ) telah menjadi badan usaha resmi berbentuk CV dengan nomor NPWP 71.156.666.1-416.000 yang melakukan usaha penyedia jasa service AC dengan mengedepankan moto pelayanan yang BERPENGALAMAN, PROFESIONAL, MURAH dan TERPERCAYA.

PT casa teknik


In early 2007 Core Techniques ac starting a business service in Tangerang and only serve good service ac service calls, service washing machine service refrigerator and water heater service around the garage. Seeing the development of the online world, in 2008 Core Engineering started offering services over the Internet by using a website with the name In 2010 Core Techniques replace the website to be like now that and focus on service ac services only. CV. Inti Jaya Engineering has become an official entity form of CV with a tax number, which conduct business 31.559.522.3-416.000 AC service providers with the advanced services EXPERIENCED motto, CHEAP and RELIABLE.

Bintoro Sinergi Korpora By PT  Bintoro Sinergi Korpora

Tabarok Engineering is a company engaged in the service service air conditioning, air conditioning maintenance, and disassembly AC.Tabarok Engineering is a business unit under the auspices of PT Bintoro Synergy corpora, a company engaged in the field of special needs services for buildings / office / industry, one of pest control. vision: Being a leading service companies and professional service ac. mission: 1.Melayani and support services to the maximum AC service, with friendly services 2.Membangun relationships with customers, a management consultant services AC service, not just a service agency AC service.

Duta Service AC By UD. Duta Service AC

Duta Jaya Technic Service AC South Jakarta small company engaged in the field of service providers ac warranty calls in Jakarta based in South Jakarta. Has had a long experience in the field of system of air conditioning machines and tools household electrical (Apliance Home) and in support technicians that are reliable and professional is also responsible for all work

Mechtron Mastevi Indonesia By PT Mechtron Mastevi Indonesia

Mechanical, Electrical, and HVAC Contractor & has more than 12 years of experience in the HVAC System field. At the beginning of the establishment of PT. MECHTRON MASTEVI INDONESIA is a legal entity company CV. Anugrah Pratama Multi Mandiri which was established on June 21, 2005 with a Notary Deed number: 114 before a Notary & PPAT Direct Jhon, SH, with the type of Contractor Services and Supplier. With the development of the business CV. Anugrah Pratama Multi Mandiri changed its status to a limited company legal entity with the name PT. Mectron Mastevi Indonesia which was established on January 16, 2013 before Notary & PPAT Mauliddin Shati, SH with a Deed number: 70 in Medan, PT. Mectron Pastevi Indonesia is officially a legal entity.We are a company engaged in the field of air systems or better known as Heat Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) in Indonesia. The range of services we offer are consulting, sales, installation and maintenance of air-conditioning systems, covering the level of residential to high rise building projects, We are also a company that is trusted and fully supported by principals and brand holders of well-known Air Conditioners in Indonesia.

Mahadana Mitra Kencana By PT. Mahadana Mitra Kencana

PT. Mahadana Mitra Kencana designs, supplies, install and services air conditioning and committed in providing quality air conditioning services.Our CompanyWe specialize in the supply of Premium Pair Coil Air Conditioning Pipe, installation and repair of commercial and residential air conditioning systems.We are official dealers for Daikin Air Conditioning and KUPFER Premium Pair Coil, though we also install most other reputable brands like Panasonic, Haier, Mitsubishi Electric, McQuay also we are currently use high quality pipe and insulation for installation.Our Company also supply Generator and Stabilizer to support Air Conditioning.Our FacilitiesOur office and warehouse are located at Jalan Letda Sujono No. 120 North Sumatera – Medan, Indonesia. We have 20 persons full time qualified technician / installers, two administration officer, two Sales Person. Our team have experience in the air conditioning industry and have worked on a wide range of system. These include single unit installations and multiple unit complexes, ducting system and VRV systems.We offer Annual contract – quarterly general preventive maintenance. Our annual contract program includes free diagnostic and labor on repair for condenser and evaporator only. We provide the spare part also. This program prevents the equipment breakdown and resulted to customer satisfaction for which the practice of this company is dedicated to serve and deliver.Our Repair and Maintenance ServiceWe run a full repair and maintenance service for domestic and commercial air conditioning and ventilation systems. Our highly experienced technicians can diagnose and repair any type of fault and have access to all the required technical information to do this for most popular brands. We run a reliable reminder system where we will contact you to arrange a suitable time to service your air conditioners when it due.