Central AC Technician

Central AC Technician

Central air-conditioning system (Central) is an air conditioning system where air cooling process centralized at one location and then distributed / flowed in all directions or locations (one outdoor with several indoor). Examples of AC Central is in a mall, office building area or in the air-conditioned bus. Central air-conditioning system maintenance can only be done by a technician for Central were already well aware of what components are present in this air conditioning system. Central air conditioning technician fully responsible for the installation, maintenance and repair of central air conditioning. Do not give the responsibility of maintenance and repairs to the air conditioning technician usual for one-one installation of central air conditioning did not work out perfectly well that disrupts the operations of the building or mall that use these air conditioning systems.

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Kami adalah penyedia jasa pasang baru, perawatan/pemeliharaan, perbaikan mesin AC dan mesin pendingin lainnya yang mengutamakan kualitas dan kejujuran.

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Setiap harinya he terus beJALAN, yang dimana kotoran yang didapat dari air, udara ,dll. Akan bertumpuk dan akan menghambat kinerja he. Kami dari PT. Penta Daya Sarana memberikan solusi dengan cleaning HE yang efektiv, efisien dan aman dari korosi / karat untuk HE

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