Villa Rent

Villa Rent

Villa Rental and Lodging

The inn is a building that uses part or all of the building to provide lodging, food and beverages, as well as other supporting services for the common commercially managed. Villa Rental and Lodging present to you who travel frequently for business or vacation and need a place to stay while to rest. By using Rent Villa and lodging you do not have to worry anymore to unwind you after completing the task after business or vacationing with the family. With room service that will pamper you and may be more comfortable than your own home will make you lose your sense of fatigue in the morning and you are ready to do the next activity.

Villa Hanyomi By Villa Hanyomi

Luxury Villa Rental in Batu Malang, Lease lodging in Stone Town, the rental accommodation in Stone Town exlusive poor. Hanyomi Stone Built Villa In Jalan Abdul Gani Over The Complex Villa Kencana Apple Block D2 Stone. Villa Hanyomi Apples There Are 6 Bedrooms With total 2 Bed Each Room With Wide Bed 1.4 M Size With Mattress And Pillows Are Very Comfortable And Clean. Hanyomi Stone Built Villa By Choosing A Very Beautiful View With View Of The Backside Of The Hill Panderman And Front Views Of Stone Town And Unfortunate And Arjuno. Hanyomi Stone Villa Is Also Equipped With A Swimming Pool Measuring 4 M X 9 M Behind Him And Provide Complete Cooking Tools, Dishes, Rice Cooker, Fridge, Dispenser, Grill, Toaster, Water Heater And A Spacious Family Room So That It Can Really Spoil Your Family Vacationing In Stone With The Cool Air

6 Year

Villa Hanyomi

Taman Fantasia Kalbar By PT  Taman Fantasia Kalbar

A luxurious private Villa with an elegant and traditional feel-on wooden stilts just like an authentic Kalimantan House, complete with a raised walkaway - awaits you with serene atmosphere and gorgeous views of the surrounding gardens. Located close to heart of Pontianak Gardenia Resort and Spa is the only true resort feel in the city of Equator Land. Its is only 5 Minutes by car from Supadio International Airport at Jalan. Ahmad Yani II, Pontianak Kalimantan Barat and 20 Minutes from the city center.

Mitra Insan Kreatif By PT. Mitra Insan Kreatif

CV.MTRA INSAN KREATIF adalah perusahaan swasta yang bergerak di bidang distribusi dan suply alat kebersihan dan alan pengaman diri untuk berperan aktif dalam menanggulangi penyebaran virus corona di indonesia