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Rental Isotank

Isotank used for transportation and storage of all types of liquids, ranging from portable (food grade), the fluid is not hazardous, and hazardous fluids, including corrosive, flammable, toxic and explosive. By using Isotank Rent avoid the risk of transferring liquid from one vessel to another, and making everything very secure, safe and cost effective transportation. Rental Isotank gives you the advantage of being 50% more efficient than using a small drum, Isotank have a lower cost per liter compared to transport the drums, easy to transport: easy and quick to unload and load with roof hatches and valves, inventory costs low: Isotank can be immediately loaded on a point charge in the manufacture of which means that the idle time (idle) reduced compared with transport to the drum.


ISO TANK SSA-01/ Tank Container adalah Container yang berbentuk tank (tangki) yang memiliki ukuran standar tertentu dan digunakan untuk memuat cargo cair.

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