Office Equipment Rental

Office Equipment Rental

Office Equipment Rental

An office in conducting its activities can not be separated from the existing provisions so as to yield the office products is expected, in the absence of adequate office supplies, there could not be the result of a good office. Office tools are items that are used to produce a work that is expected in the office. Such as paper, envelopes, tape machines and so on. But over time the office wanted a more efficient and effective, they do not want to spend time just to think of office equipment, they wanted the equipment is ready for use. That is the function of the Office Equipment Rental, besides the rent they also provide maintenance is so offices stay put and do not need to worry if at any time of the crash, because Office Equipment Rental is also ready to be called if suddenly there are constraints on the use of office equipment.

Riskyade Copier (Ra Copier) By CV. Riskyade Copier (Ra Copier)

RISKYADE COPIER is a copier company. Our company sells Toshiba copier and toner. We also provide Toshiba brand photocopying services.

Aufa Jaya Indonesia By PT Aufa Jaya Indonesia

PT. Aufa Jaya Indonesia is a company engaged in the sale and rental of photocopying machines with the brands CANON, XEROX and KONICA MINOLTA.We always service regularly until the machine is always maintained, we provide the best prices for new machines for your office and business needs, we also provide quality reconditioning machines with guaranteed after-sales guarantees for both your office and business needs, and provide used materials (consumables) and spare parts.

Nusantara Grafindo Jaya By CV Nusantara Grafindo Jaya

CV Nusantara Grafindo Jaya started its business from photocopy services on campus and school. Seeing the need for the use of photocopying machines in offices that in fact need Print / Photocopy / Scan / Faximile services, we are concentrating on developing a business of photocopying rental services for private offices / government / financial institutions / institutions. We rely on high-quality copy machines such as FUJI XEROX (Japan) and KONICA MINOLTA (Germany / Europe), which have proven reliable and the quality of the copies is guaranteed to be good.

Karlisma lestari sejahtera By CV Karlisma lestari sejahtera

History: cv , karlisma lestari prosperous stood since th2000 , have berkecipung / deals in services service / rent machine office & amp; it computer , in accordance with electronic and technology , we studied and follow the era of progress machine office & amp; electronic computer , th 2015 we have a name tokoonline tokoazkasamudracom media promotion to find partners , and berjoin with website other tokoonline as: olx , kaskus , jualo , and other . Tokoazkasamudracom there have been many known in online media , and now we join indotrading may by joining our company , we hope can work together good and symbiotic and as a link interlacing cooperation with other companies ... amiiien !Tokoazkasamudracom is the online indonesia that moves in rent service , service , sales , maintenance , machine the office and it technology . Since 2000 we have deals in repair service , rent , maintenance , frequency of sale , etc The people of in the field of specialis repairing: machine shreeder , calculating machines money , oops , laptop , printer , computer , machine pembolong paper , etc .Vision: made company best diindonesia in the service of machine office & amp; it technology .Mission: * ) address all classifiable machine the office and it technology quickly , safe and bergaransi . * ) upholds quality and kwalitas work * ) give the best solution customer * ) maintain the best good cooperation motto internal employees: * cooperating berazaskan family * believe and devotion * cooperating team good * ) honest , diligent and responsible * ) to improve the science in accordance with progress the days of * ) polite and mannered address: jl.erha raya no 1 gandul cinere , depok16514 telp / fax: 021-29435669 , 081517141339 , 085692250999 , 085770186018 email: ary _ sl @ wa: 081517141339 , 085692250999 us tokoazkasamudracom cv.karlisma lestari prosperous tin: 01.938.889.1-048.000

Mitra Rental Copierindo By PT  Mitra Rental Copierindo

PT. MITRA COPIERINDO MANDIRI has years of experience in selling, maintaining and repairing copiers of all brands. This experience has given us the opportunity to provide our clients fully packaged services including rental and on-site maitainance. Our group has a strategic role in the import, distribution, rental and maintainance of most reputed brands such as CANON, RICOH, KYOCERA in Indonesia. Our headquarters are Jakarta based but our branches and partners give us a national coverage.

Ultracom Deprasti By PT  Ultracom Deprasti

Sales Center tools and Bank Central Office Service Tools & Office Central Bank and Remanufacture Toner Cartridge Refill All Brands


GO RENT is a provider of IT & Office Rentals, Audio-Visual Rentals & Event Rental. Since 2006, GO RENTAL have helped our clients to be based on high service quality. GO RENTAL focus on Service Providers and using hardware with the best technology. With the VISION on our minds, trust your business by contacting our sales are friendly and experienced. Then, with the Quality Check our procedures to ensure the quality of IT services & Office Rental, Audio-Visual & Event Rental Rental us. As one of the reliable rental services provider in Indonesia, we always strive to provide rental equipment with diverse needs depending on the needs of our clients. GO RENTAL Brand invest only with qualified and reliable. And the stock of rental equipment with the technology, GO RENTAL still strives to provide sales and service technicians notice the personal touch. We are confident, trust that you provide to us, will make you satisfied with your choice.


Sinar Karunia By CV. Sinar Karunia

V.SINAR KARUNIA adalah perusahaan yang bergerak dibidang peralatan kantor ( office equipments) yang menyediakan berbagai kebutuhan kantor sebagai berikut: 1. LCD Projektor ( SANYO, NEC, SONY) , LCD Bracket 2. Layar Projector ( Motorized Screen, Manually operated screen, portable screen, ) DRAPPER, PROMAXI, SUPER FOCUS dan sebagainya. 3. Mesin Penghitung Uang ( Money Counting Machine) GLORY, WINNER, NCL, SUPER GLORY, PROMAXI, dan sebagainya 4. Notebook, Computer, Printer, UPS dan Scanner. 5. Mesin Deteksi Uang RUPIAH dan DOLLAR. 6. Encoder system dan mesin validasi AMANO, ACROEPRINT, dan sebagainya. 7. Box uang aluminium, Moving sign display, mesin antrian. 8. Mesin absensi AMANO, SEIKO, dan sebagainya 9. Mesin absensi FINGERPRINT Mbio, Timerech, dan sebagainya. 10. Watchman Clock ( Absensi Satpam) AMANO. 11. Mesin penghancur kertas Gemet, Ideal. 12. Mesin Foto Copy Canon. 13. Mesin ketik Manual dan Electronic BROTHER, OLYMPIA. 14. Meja kantor, Kursi kantor, furniture 15. Lemari Arsip dan Filling Cabinet Lion, Brother 16. Brancas CHUBB, ICHIBAN, YUNIKA, dll. 17. Kartu Absensi, pita mesin absensi 18. Facsimile, Telephone, Printer 19. Passbook IBM, Olivetti 20. Panaboard, Whiteboard Kami juga menyediakan sparepart dan jasa service peralatan kantor anda. Selain menyediakan berbagai peralatan kantor, CV. Sinar Karunia juga bergerak di bidang rental multimedia antara lain : LCD Projector, Screen, Personal Computer, Handy Talky, Mesin Foto Copy, Notebook, dan sebagainya. Demikian daftar produk yang kami tawarkan kepada perusahaan bapak/ ibu. Berikut ini kami lampirkan rincian produk yang kami tawarkan, apabila ada barang-barang kebutuhan perusahaan Bapak/ Ibu yang tidak tertera diatas silahkan hubungi CV. Sinar Karunia kami akan senang membantu anda. Atas perhatiannya, Kami ucapkan terima kasih.

Komindo Bizolusi By PT Komindo Bizolusi

Sejak tahun 1996. Kami bergerak di bidang pemasaran dan pelayanan purna jual untuk laser printer dan Plotter merk Kyocera dan Rowe khususnya daerah Cikarang, Karawang, Cikampek dan sekitarnya.