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Sabusa Detailing Indonesia serves JABODETABEK Car Salon Call Services, including: Body Polishing, Glass Polishing, Interior Salon, Salon Engine, Paint Protection. PROMO offers from our Salon Mobil Call complete package that includes Body, Glass, Interior, Engine, Wheel, Paint Protection. only:
- Rp. 450,000 for small cars (jazz, brio, march)
- Rp. 550,000 for medium cars (Avanza, Xenia, Xpander)
- Rp. 650,000 for large cars (pajero, fortuner, alphard)

Service details:
- Medication using: meguiars
- Workmanship: 7-9 hours
- Start work at 07.30 detailer to your location
- Can be at home or office

Enjoy the convenience of making a sleek car without leaving the house. Order now Sabusa Detailing Indonesia Car Salon Call Service and get the bonus. HOLIDAY DAYS TO SERVE. Sabusa Detailing Indonesia Car Salon Call Service in Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi.

Sabusa Detailing Indonesia MENU Car Salon Services:
- Polish Body & Wax (Paint Polish)
- Polish Glass
- Full Interior Cleaning (Interior Detailing)
- Machine Wash (Engine Detailing)
- Paint Protection
- Take off basic seats and carpets
- Fogging
- Nano Ceramic Coating

Sabusa Detailing Indonesia Car Salon Services Call PROMO:
- FULL PACKAGE (Polish Body & Wax, Polish Glass, Machine Wash, Interior)
- Small car
- Medium cars
- Big car
- Luxury Car: A further hub for luxury cars with special handling because of the nature of soft paint.
- Remove Basic Upholstery and Carpet

Information on the stages of Sabusa Detailing Workmanship in Indonesia Car Call Salon Services
"Polish Body"
Stage 1: Asphalt Cleaning in the Car body
Stage 2: Cleansing Mushrooms in Car Body
Stage 3: Cleaning the Sidelines of the Car Body to the Angles of the Body of the Car.
Stage 4: Cleaning the Crust on the Car Body.
Stage 5: Body Polishing Using Mesih Polish Bosch and woll polishing 3M super quality.
Stage 4: Wax (Provides a final layer to provide protection to the car body from the hot sun and keep the car body shiny).

"Polish Glass"
Stage 1: Cleaning the Glass Area Overall.
Stage 2: Eliminate mildew on glass
Stage 3: Remove the Crust on the Glass
Stage 4: Give protection to the glass to keep it shiny.

"Interior Cleaning (Interior Detailing)"
Stage 1: Vacuum (vacuuming of carpet dust, upholstery, between the entire interior of the car).
Stage 2: Dashboard Cleaning
Stage 3: Cleaning Backleading and Doortrim
Stage 4: Upholstery Cleaning
Stage 5: Ceiling Cleaning
Stage 6: Interior polish to polish and protect the interior of the car.
Stage 7: Provide Car Interior Fragrances.

"Machine Washing"
Stage 1: Cleaning the hood
Stage 2: Cleaning the entire engine room
Stage 3: Returns the color of the machine part to the beginning.
Stage 4: Cleaning wheels and tires.


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