Electronic Service

Electronic Service

Electronic Service

Electronic goods today, the millennium is now not hard to find items. Advances in technology and the advancement of human life today make people desperately need this one technology, namely electronic goods to help their work, hobbies or to accompany pass the time. Electronic services are also mostly found in various regions because this business is very promising. Electronic Service can help people when they run into trouble when there are defective electronic dibarang they have.

Rajawali Karunia Sejahtera By PT. Rajawali Karunia Sejahtera

AC (Air Conditioner) is a machine that serves as an air conditioner located around the cooling machine. We know that air is a substance that is inseparable from life in the world like water. Oxygen gas is the substance most needed by humans as well as other types of gases. We know that the current environmental conditions indicate that air pollution levels are so high that they result in disruption of human health. High levels of air pollution make people switch from the natural room refreshment system to the artificial air refresh system. Therefore, air refreshing system (AC) is the most widely used instrument to overcome the comfort problem of a room. So looking at the potential human needs, this makes the greatest opportunity to continue to improve the quality of air in so it becomes more healthy, clean and comfortable. PT. RAJAWALI KARUNIA SEJAHTERA Moving in the field of procurement, installation and installation of air conditioning (air conditioner) which was established in 2011. VISION Make a Goods and Services Company able to compete and grow healthy; Making AC Service Ditangerang become the society's primary choice to solve the problem on cooling machine; Become an AC Service Service Company that trusted and fun for the community. MISSION Providing quality ac products; Providing the best service to customers; Establish good cooperation with suppliers and customers. PURPOSE AND OBJECTIVES Our goal is to help people to anticipate the problems surrounding air conditioners both in houses, apartments, shophouses, offices, hospitals, shopping malls, hotels, factories and wherever. This is done to keep the community alive healthy, comfortable, safe, and get the performance, effectiveness, also possible efesinesi cost. PT. RAJAWALI KARUNIA SEJAHTERA provides various brands and types of air conditioners, as well as service installation and installation of air conditioning (Ducting, Piping, and Jacketing), service and maintenance of AC for residential, shop, office buildings, hospitals, shopping centers, apartement, hotel, showroom And factory for BSD region, cisauk, serpong, ivory serpong, villa jasmine, nature silk, bintaro, modern land, legok, tangerang and jakarta. Our product range is Split Split Air Conditioner, Floor Standing, Cassette, Ceiling Suspended, Split Duct, Super Multi, VRV, AHU (Air Handling Unit), FCU (Fan Coil Unit), Cooled Storage Machine, Condensing Unit and Chiller. With various brands such as Daikin, Panasonic, Teco, Haier, Aux, Midea, Gree, Sharp, LG, Samsung, York, Carrier, FujiAire, Fuji electric and Aicool. Besides Mejual Unit Baru, We also provide Second Unit (Trade In) and other air conditioning equipment such as Refrigrant Pipe, NYM Cable, Outdoor Bracket, Duct Tape Glue, Non Glue Duct Tape etc. MARKET ARGET Retrieves market shares ranging from Rumah Tinggal, Apartement, Shop, Office, Restaurant, Shopping Center, Hospital, Showroom, and Factory starting from Serpong area Tangerang, Jakarta, Java Island to outside Island. MARKETING PROMOTION In the marketing activities of our products & services, we install Banners and Air-Conditioned displays in our store so that buyers can find out what services, merchandise and merchandise I sell, offer via phone, remind consumers of schedules for air-conditioning service via phone or SMS, distribute brochures, Products and services through social networks like, facebook, OLX, Blogger, and open their own website. COVER Entrepreneurship is an activity needed to create or do a business. Our chances of endeavor are personal abilities as we are confident, risk-taking, leadership-minded, honest, diligent, responsible and always striving to excel and be able to create great work, convincing people and consumers of products and services Marketed. Able to motivate ourselves or to employees and others, and always build good cooperation with suppliers. CLOSING REMARKS Thus this proposal is made, may be a reference and consideration in setting up a business. For that we expect the support and role of all parties in pembentuka this effort. Thanks.

Berdikari Tunggal Perkasa (CuciBersih) By PT. Berdikari Tunggal Perkasa (CuciBersih)

PT. Berdikari Tunggal Perkasa is a company engaged in services. The services we provide are Carpet Washing Services, Vacuum Services, etc. We are located in Bogor. The services that we offer have quality, superior quality and service, so they can be relied upon for your residence.

Mandiri By CV. Mandiri

We are a company engaged in document solutions through marketing, sales service, rental, leasing and servicing copiers reconditioning technology analog and digital multi-function copy, scanner and printer. Our services are supported by experienced professionals so reconditioned copiers (photocopy) we were always of high quality and we are always guaranteed after-sales and spare parts support. Our service has always put quality and customer satisfaction.

CV. Mandiri

Dian Lamda By CV. Dian Lamda

We have quality in every job

CV. Dian Lamda

Anugerah Teknik Abadi By CV. Anugerah Teknik Abadi

The Company is engaged in the service Service AC Surabaya, Sidoarjo AC Service, AC Service Gedangan, Service AC Gresik, And Surrounding. In addition we are also engaged in the field of Electronic Commerce As Ac, Refrigerators Washing Machines, Etc.. We Founded in 2007, Departure Of Services And The Care Quality. We Stand And Emerging From A collection of professional technicians, So That It Allows Once the Engineers We can Meguasai Problems In The Face By pelangganya. Contact us if you / your company requires for Service AC Surabaya, Sidoarjo AC Service, AC Service Gedangan, Service AC Gresik, And Surrounding. While We Have Developed Our Professional And Also Very Aware if Shortage Still There, So We Advance Of Willpower And Customer Satisfaction With Always Bringing Values ​​Kinship, Deliberation For Consensus, Arif Suggest Something In It And uphold honesty. We Can Expect Good Giving Benefits To More Of The Customer Company. So We Always Accept And Apply Comments and constructive criticism for the sake of common good. We make use of services for your home or office Supplies, Services Service AC Surabaya, Sidoarjo AC Service, AC Service Gedangan, Service AC Gresik, And Surrounding. And We Operate For Surabaya and Surrounding Area: - At the Head Office Jl. Wonorejo Iii 120 Surabaya. - Branch Office Menganti - Gresik In Jl. Pelem Watu. - Branch Office Gedangan In Jl. Wira Bumi.


Since 2006, PT. Fisicon Cemerlang located in Surabaya, East Java already experienced in cleaning products and providing of solutions for clean workings environment. The company set up in 2009 and we develop, solve, and sell products in the field of any kind of industrial area such as cement plants, power and incineration plants, food industry, steel mills, foundries, mineral processing, chemicals industry and many others. On the otherhand, the company sells also products for commercial area like offices, buildings, apartments, hotels and cleaning contractors. Soon, however, the market demands the company to add another product line such as provide service and spare parts machine for all the cleaning products. Today, the company handles every cleaning products from a simple broom to heavy duty industrial vacuum and provide services for all of cleaning products and its market covers East Indonesia area such as Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Sumatra, etc Our missions is to build a clean working environment for a better future. Nowadays a clean working environment is something that will become more important in order to take part to reduce the CO2 emission to have a better air quality acording to our campaign more fresh clean air. Presently, PT. Fisicon Cemerlang represent the wold best cleaning – equipment producers such as Fiorentini , Ready System, Sibilia, Snorkel, Oertzen, Klindex, Vikan, RAVO, Hascon, RGS, Eureka, Santoemma, and concentrates on marketing and services these quality cleaning products in Indonesia

Sarana Sistem Mikro By PT  Sarana Sistem Mikro

Pt. Sarana Sistem Mikro Is Producing The National Private Company And Non Fingerprint Machine Absent Finger (Cards) Good Using Proximity, Barcode And Magnetic With Brand Tks. We Have Been Serving Many Companies Big And Small Companies In The Field Of Information Technology Notably Absent Machine And Access Control System Among Kompas Gramedia Group, Indovision, Gajah Tunggal Tbk., Pln, Telkom, Buma Group. We Also Serve Making Software Hrd / Hospitals / Inventory / Universities And Moving Sign And Id Card / Member Card. Current Products That We Absent Machine Tks Registered As One Domestic Product Items In This Product So The Ministry Of Industry Recommended To Put In Particular The Government Procurement Project Absent Machine And Access Control. And To Develop Pemasaranan We Opens Opportunities For Companies That Want To Implement Marketing Joins Around The Indonesian Region.

Cipta Bening Nurani By CV. Cipta Bening Nurani

Cv .Cipta Bening Nurani Solution Air Conditioner We Are Ready To Help Find Solutions Your Air Conditioner Problems, Including Solutions For Saving Electric Energy Consumption Of Your Air Conditioning. Without Cost Exploitation Of Very Large, We Strive To Provide The Best Service That Will Greatly Save Your Money. We Serve All Brands, In Accordance With Standard Specifications Pabrikannya Guarantee Our Service Will Not Cost The Excess Burden That You Must Remove Both For The Air Conditioner And Air Conditioner Housing Office For. Service Ac | Service Chiller | Service Cold Storage | Service Water Chiller | Jasa Service Ac | Jasa Service Chiller | Jasa Service Cold Storage | Jasa Service Water Chiller Perbaikan Ac | Perbaikan Chiller | Perbaikan Cold Storage | Perbaikan Water Chiller Cv.Cipta Bening Nurani Jl. Simo Rukun Timur Ix / No: 17 Surabaya- 60181. Jatim - Indonesia Phone No : 08123064731 / ( 031) -70081828 Fax No : ( 031) - 5328744 Website : Http: / / Indonetwork.Co.Id/ Cipta-Bening-Nurani Email : Anassyair@ Yahoo.Com Ciptabeningnurani@ Yahoo.Com

Media Grafindo By CV. Media Grafindo

Pt. Grafindo Media Company Is Authorized Distributor Inks And Epson Machines We Also Provide Solutions To The Pre Press And Color Management. In Operation Since 2008, Assisted By Technicians Qualified And Experienced We Are Committed To Providing The Best Service For Our Customers.

bali nirwana aircon By PT  bali nirwana aircon

We are a company engaged in the field of services and sales of domestic and commercial HVAC products. we serve the sale of air conditioning, Service, Spare Parts & AC rental for Bali. serving with friendly, fast and guaranteed. we have specially trained technicians in the field of HVAC reliable and experienced. keeping your comfort every time.

Davinatama By CV. Davinatama

Solahart Phone + (021) 34082652- 082122541663 Solahart South Jakarta-West-North-East-Central-Tangerang-Bekasi, Bogor-Depok Us From CV. Davinatama Service Providing Water Heater Repair Services SOLAHART SERVICE & SALES solar water heater solar water heater especially SOLAHART Specification A machine No Hot Water Heaters, Water Pressure Less Fast B. tanky Leaks C. Decrease Services Unit / Unloading D. Raising Services Unit / Unloading E. Replacement spare part, Element, Termorstat, 1/2 Valve, Check Valve Etc. F. Installation Point Hot / Hot Water Pipe Installation G. Installation of Water Point Cold / Cold Water Installation CV. Davinatama Service Phone Number: +6221 34082652 Fax: +6221 48702925 Serving: Greater Jakarta Email: davinatama@yahoo.com Website: http://www.service-solahart.com

CV. Davinatama

Profindo Technology By CV. Profindo Technology
Tanjung Pinang

CV. Profindo Technology was founded in 2005, the company was founded on the initiative of several YOUNG EXECUTIVE thing that HOBBY in Information, Communication and Technology (ICT). With a variety Background Education, Experience and Knowledge of initiator Our personnel are always Update makes CV. Profindo Technology a very CALCULATED company in its field. CV. Business Technology Profindo serve on: SUPPLIER, CONTRACTOR, INSTALLATION and MAINTENANCE, ICT products, Such as: 1. INTERNET CONNECTION: WARNET + gameonline, Personal, Office, HOTSPOT, SITE OFFICE. 2. NETWORKING (LAN, WAN): WARNET + gameonline, Personal, Office, HOTSPOT, SITE OFFICE. 3. NETWORKING EQUIPMENT: Switch, Modem ADSL, Cable UTP, Access Point, Antenna. 4. COMPUTER: Desktop, Laptop, LCD Monitors Used (secondhand), Genuine Import from Singapore and Japan. 5. SECURITY SYSTEM: CCTV, Fingerprint Time Attendance, Alarm, Metal Detector, Access Door. 6. OFFICE AUTOMATION: PABX, Billing System, DISA, Paging, the Bell System, MATV, FingerPrint. 7. MARINE NAVIGATION and COMMUNICATION EQUIPMENT: Inmarsat, Radiotelephone, Weather FAX, GPS, Radar, Compass, Speed ​​Log. CV. Profindo Technology in doing business always step based on the waistband motto, motto since the company was established is "Providing Technology Solutions". Besides the motto we have staff who are Professional and Reliable for each field. So we are more confident to provide Quality Service to each CUSTOMER.

Lautan Rezeki By Toko Lautan Rezeki

Lautan Rezeki is a company engaged in the field of Multimedia Development, design and sales system: CATV SYSTEM - SMATV SYSTEM - MATV SYSTEM - CABLE TV. Our products include: Device MATV Headend / Studio Cable TV / CATV Headend, RF Devices Distribution Back Bound, Networking Devices Indoor / Outdoor and Instrumentation System MATV - CABLE TV. In addition to these products we also can provide more specific products / special MATV - CATV - CABLE TV according to customer request. We sell a variety of devices System MATV - CATV - CABLE TV with Reliable quality and affordable products. System products that we sell are Brand: IKUSI - ALCAD -PACIFIC - ZINWELL - WINERSAT - PRO-X - FOBETMOC - PREVAIL - MATRIX - FALCOM - NIN - SQ - DLL. If you are interested in our products, you can contact us to get more information. We will be happy to cooperate with you in the sustainable future.

Wijaya Karya Tekhnik By CV. Wijaya Karya Tekhnik

Melayani pembelian dan pemasangan : Penangkal petir dan Ac


PT. Maju Mapan Lancar been able to overcome the problem of Hard Chrome with a high difficulty level and can do Hard Chrome process for any kind of metal including aluminum, copper, brass, steel, and other metals. Telp : 021 - 9164 0211 0815 - 6728 014 0878 - 8169 6514 0823 - 2813 3845 PIN BB : 2A81A4A8 (OR) 7DFEB5E2 Web : http://hardchrome-mml.com email : majumapanlancar@yahoo.co.id

Samudera Tata Udara By PT. Samudera Tata Udara

Company PT SAMUDERA TATA UDARA has been registered as a Verified Supplier at Indotrading.com. This company located at JL. GRIYA HIJAU RAYA NO.15 , RUKO GRIYA HIJAU RAYA. ALAM SUTERA , TANGERANG SELATAN, Kota Tangerang Selatan, Banten, Indonesia.This company sell MENJUAL AC SPLIT WALL DAN AC CENTRAL085269462121 Androfa

Erakomp Infonusa By PT Erakomp Infonusa

Company PT Erakomp Infonusa has been registered as a Verified Supplier at Indotrading.com. This company located at Office 88 Kota Kasablanka lt 20, Jakarta Pusat, DKI Jakarta, Indonesia.This company sell IT products


Our Private Company Moves In The Field Services Such As Service, Repair, Maintenance And Installation Of Air Conditioning Unit. In Addition, We Serve Installation Ducting. We Also Provide Various Type Air Conditioning Unit With Some Particular Brand. Powered By Technicians Who Reliable And Experienced, We Are Committed To Provide Best For Our Customers. Customer Satisfaction Is Paramount To Us.


Company PT SUMBER ANUGERAH MANDIRI TEKNIK has been registered as a Verified Supplier at Indotrading.com. This company located at Harapan Indah Jalan Kedondong 2 Blok TE no 19 Pejuang Medan Satria Bekasi Barat, Cikarang, Jawa Barat, Indonesia.This company sell Burner dan BOILER

Dwi Era Setunggal By Dwi Era Setunggal

Along with the development of world telecommunication technology in Indonesia, infrastructure aspect is the most important foundation to support the reliability of the technology used. Infrastructure which is also as a means of production of the company certainly requires a reliable and high-tech Work tools to still be able to provide excellent telecommunication services to its customers.As a part of our commitment as part of our efforts to support the advancement of Telecommunication World in Indonesia, we are a telecommunication contractor company with experience in the field, especially the manufacture and leasing of Mobile-BTS (MBTS).Mobile-BTS (MBTS) we named MBTS CEPAT is a new breakthrough from our company, with simple design, easy and can be operated quickly and does not require special land specifications, it only takes place of flat and hard ground.MBTS Quickly made in the framework of development of existing MBTS technology, MBTS is integrated directly between the car and BTS devices so as to facilitate us in the mobilization. MBTS is also equipped with Tower Triangle as high as 20 meters (Exspandiable) whose operation can be done with manual system and automatic system.Convenience and convenience are the most important things we want to provide.