Transportation Rental Company

Transportation Rental Company

Transportation Rental Company

Owning a vehicle would be the desire of all people, not just pride alone but driving a vehicle belonging itself can provide comfort for its owner. For some people, of course, this is not why. Because of course they have the financial resources or sufficient income. However, for those who do not have the funds will certainly think twice or three times to have a vehicle. Especially if it is a vehicle that is only needed on certain days only. Rental vehicles have many advantages over classical forms of transport such as bus or taxi. Long-distance travel can be tiring when you ride the bus and very expensive if you choose a taxi. By using the Vehicle Rental you can customize to your needs, so you can choose a vehicle according to the needs required.

Tirta Masindo By UD. Tirta Masindo

Am 2000 Is A Commercial Enterprise Engaged In The Field Of Supplies And Equipment Depot Drinking Water, Household Water Filter, Factories, Hospitals, Mineral Water Machine, Ro Water Machine, Alkaline Water Machine.

5 Year
Jaya Transindo By CV. Jaya Transindo

CV. Jaya Transindo is a transportation management services company founded in 2015 that offers goods delivery services in the Greater Jakarta area. Our company is located Jl Perjuangan, Kp. Tangsi, Rt.004 Rw.006 Cibitung Bekasi.

1 Year
Cahaya Nusantara Express By CV. Cahaya Nusantara Express

CV. CAHAYA NUSANTARA EXPRESS is an integrated freight forwarding company that provides easy delivery of goods. For Us size, weight of goods, and speed is not a problem for us, because We are able to provide solutions delivery of goods as needed.Along with the business development and increasing market demand, CV.CAHAYA NUSANTARA EXPRESS is ready to cooperate with any company in serving delivery and distribution to all regions of Indonesia by using qualified human resources, professional and highly qualified in the field of transportation, especially land, sea, Air with fleet support available.CV. CAHAYA NUSANTARA EXPRESS domiciled in Surabaya address JL.Sidotopo Lor 24 C Surabaya and has an integrated network in big city cities throughout the Territory of Indonesia. Until now We are running in the delivery service has been trusted by various companies to be partners to work on the delivery of various types of goods.

Yudira Transport By PT  Yudira Transport

Company Profile Perusahaan Pelayaran Nasional PT. YUDIRA TRANSPORTASI INDONESIA ( terdaftar : akte PT, SIUPAL, TDP, NPWP, DOC ) berdiri sejak tahun 1999 spesialis pengiriman SEMEN, PUPUK, BERAS, PROJECT CARGO di perairan Indonesia ( Domestic Sea Freight Cargo ) Memiliki 6 armada kapal kargo ( Steel Cargo Vessels ) 800 dwt ( 1981 ) 850 dwt ( 1980 ) 1.000 dwt ( 1987 ) 1.700 dwt ( 1992 ) 2.000 dwt ( 1993 ) 2.250 dwt ( 1997 ) Sebagai rekan Operator untuk kapal RoRo 5.000 MT ( 1996 ) Saat ini, kota kota yang sudah terlayani adalah Jawa & BALI Jakarta, Surabaya, Gresik, Tuban, Celukan Bawang Kalimantan Pontianak, Ketapang, Kendawangan Kumai, Sampit, Pulang Pisau, Banjarmasin, Batu Licin ( Tarjun ), Tanah Grogot, Balikpapan, Samarinda, Bontang, Tanjung Redep ( Berau ), Tarakan, Sangkulirang NTB dan NTT Lombok, Bima, Sumbawa, Labuan Bajo, Reo ( Ruteng ), Kupang, Alor Sulawesi Makasar, Mamuju, Palu, Kendari, Kolaka Dengan fokus pada Ship Charter ( Time Charter ) kami siap bekerja sama dengan pemilik barang, ship agent, forwarder, expedisi, shipping line, distributor, dll. Silakan menghubungi marketing kami Terima Kasih PT. YUDIRA TRANSPORTASI INDONESIA

Ntm Travel By Ntm Travel

NTM Travel offers domestic tour packages (over Indonesia), rental bus, retreats, shuttle employees, office events and so on. We have experience and serve you with the best facilities and professional staffs. Security, convenience and best price always our priority.

Ntm Travel

Enjoy Holiday Medan Tour And Travel By Enjoy Holiday Medan Tour And Travel

ENJOY HOLIDAY MEDAN is a north sumatera based full service travel agency with more than 10 years travel industry experience and serving all over indonesia tour packages,especially sumatera. During these past years, we have provided our customers with the best possible service to fulfill their travel needs. Enjoy Holiday Medan cooperates with a large number of reputable and renowned travel agencies worldwide. We organize medan tour package,Simalem Resort tour packages,lake toba tour package,pekanbaru tour packages, bukittinggi tour packages,sumatera overland tour packages,Cermin Beach tour packages,bahorok tour packages,Medan Pilgrimage Tours, Bandung Tour Packages,Bali Tour Packages, Lombok Tour Packages, and many more with many options of days for tourists, as well as for entrepreneurs looking for business opportunities. We have also prepared custom made tours for groups or individuals interested in seeing sumatera and whole indonesia.

Karana Logistik Internasional By PT. Karana Logistik Internasional

With its Head Office in Jakarta, Indonesia PT Karana Logistik International is a leading provider of freight forwading services world wide. Service is our product. PT Karana Logistik International services cover all aspects of freight forwarding both by air and by seasurface, including customs clearance, warehousing, transportation, consolidation/deconsolidation, road transport/haulage, and tug and barge transport. We handle the materials for entire industrial projects, manufacturing operations, import/export shipments, and small volume customized freight.

Karya Cipta Logisitk By PT Karya Cipta Logisitk

expedisi menyediakan armada dan pengiirman barang ke Kalimantan, SUmatera, Jawa Sulawesi dan daerah lainnya


Kabuka Bangun Semesta.Co.,Ltd Is a Private Trading Company Which Were Engaged In The Export Import Sector, Contractors, Machinery And Spare Part Distributor And Supplier And Trusted Engineering Company In Indonesia. As The Company Who Have International Export Import Permit We Routine Ship Cargo From Australia, China, Central America, South America (Latin America), Guam, Hawaii, Hongkong, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Pacific Rim, Philippines, Saipan, Singapore, South Pacific, Vietnam, London, Canada, Belgia And Several Europe And Africa Countries. Look To Us As Your Single Export Import Source For Reliable, Cost-Effective Shipment Of Goods Around The World. We Have Experienced Teamwork And Solid Global Infrastructure Support To Provide Excellent International Trading Support Everywhere, Anytime Yours Freight Shipment. We Are Global Export Import Trading Company Which Deserves To Be Partner Supporting Your Business. Our Commitment To Providing Only The Best Services With Competitive Low Rates. Please Feel Free To Contact Us And Get It Our Best Freight Quotation Rates Due Yours Cargo Project Delivery Plant. We Would Like Provide Scheduling, Booking And Tracking Information And We Supposed That Can Be Personalized To Monitor All Your Important Shipment Details. Need To Know How Much It Will Cost To Ship? Get A Free Quote Now And See How Reasonable Your Shipping Charge Can Be! Thank You Regards Admin Team

Bintang Terang By CV. Bintang Terang

CV.BINTANG Bright is a manufacturer of pallets and crates, established since 1996, CV. Bright Star is believed some of the companies that have become our partners. CV. Bright Star offers products through three methods of election that consumers need. 1. Type Standart quality wood. competitive price. Typically used for display pallet (pallet is used only for one-time delivery.  Consists of: Wood Albasiyah / Sengon, Wood tangkil / Meninjo, Wood Rubber Etc /.2. Type Medium quality hardwood lumber middle class can be used for pallet Racking system / pallet dwelt. Strength heavy load of 1-2 tons. Consists of: Timber Fruit, Wood Santol, Mango Wood, Wood Durian, Rambutan Wood, Wood SOBSI manii Etc. We also provide material reconditioned pallets that have been fumigated and oven (Anti Termite).3. Type of Wood higt quality. This pallet type usually used to hold items with heavy weights over 2 tons of them. Cement, Oil, Etc. Consists of: Mahogany, Acacia, Teak etc.Woodworking Machinery & Tools: All work is done by using modern machinery production standards: Double planner planer machine, wood cutting machines, Dinamo Bandsaw, Coil Nail / Nails Shoot.Call us for reservations: Call/ WhatsApp. 082 1111 27300 Syofian Hady E-mail. Web. Bintang Terang a solution for your packaging needs.

Global LIntas Transindo By PT  Global LIntas Transindo

PT. GLOBAL TRAFFIC TRANSINDO (GLTrans Rent Car) is company with main business entity engaged in the services sector. GLTRans rentcar provide a new variant and another alternative for fleet service users as a convenience, to help maximize your business, expand business areas and develop corporate image and product fellow entrepreneurs fleet service users. Order Special Purpose Vehicles We provide the best solution for the ease of all possibilities that become an obstacle to further advance and develop for fellow businessman with several options specific fleet as follows: - Bank Vehicles (Mobile & ATM Vehicles) - Food Truck - Entertainment Car (Stage, Recording, Audition, etc.) - Promotion Cars - Mobile Cafe - Ambulance and X-ray - Etc.

Indraprastakarya Group By PT  Indraprastakarya Group

We INDRAPRASTAKARYA GROUP leased out the heavy equipment for your needs, we provide: Forklift Rental, Crane, Excavator, Dumptruck Rental Handpallet, Handlift, jacks, etc. We serve large and small shipments of domestic We serve the export shipment by air cargo Abroad We Serve goods moving house, Moving Offices, Buildings etc For more info, you can contact: PT. INDRAPRASTAKARYA GROUP Jln. Malabar Raya No.07 Blok O way Halim Tanjung Karang Bandar Lampung 35 141 Tel: 0721 707469 Facs: 0721 707758 Mobile; 081334424058 email: website;


PT. MANDIRI RAJAWALI HUTAMA is a private company engaged in general trade and services, established in 2018 at Bogor, West Java, Indonesian.

Unicorn Trinindya By CV. Unicorn Trinindya

Jakarta Rent A Car, Rental Car In Jakarta, Unicorn Rent A Car - Unicar

Autoraxa By Autoraxa

Car Rental Company In Jakarta. With Competitive Prices We Believe Can Provide Satisfactory Service For You. Safety And Comfort Is Our Priority For Those Of You Who Are Traveling On Vacation, For Business And Enterprise, Or For Other Purposes That Require A Rental Car.


Titian Kaltim By PT  Titian Kaltim

- Solar Pertamina Fuel Transportir - Agent Fuel Industry - Agent Pertamina Lubricants - Shipyard

PT Titian Kaltim

Andalan Putra Daerah (Apd) By Andalan Putra Daerah (Apd)

Trade In Goods And Services , Heavy Equipment Rental , Truck , Tronton , Fuso , Forklip And Crane , Computers ( Computer Networking , Software Development , Server Management , Maintenance And Repair Computers , Website Development , Graphic Design , Digital Printing , Computer Procurement , Training , Consulting It ) , Laptop , Stationery Office ( Atk ) And Elecktronik Goods , Freight Land, Sea , Air , River And Lake ( Barge , Lct , Vessel , Etc. ) , Undertaking Project , Contractor Mine Road , Plantation Road , Street Agriculture And Housing , Building And Roads Procurement Materials ( Sand , Sirtu , Base Cose , Splite , And Others ) , Procurement Of Materials Clothing , Shoes And Sandals , Food And Beverage Procurement , Transportation Projects . Products / Services Sell : Home For Samarinda And The Surrounding Area We Provide Homes And Facilities Of Various Types Of Both Residential As Well As Other Strategic Locations In The Location - For Sale Or Rent / Contract . Cooperation: Kontsruksi And Building ( Construction And Buildings ) We Provide Manpower Ranging From Unskilled Laborers To Experts In The Field Of Development And Others. ( We Supply Manpower Ranging From Unskilled Laborers To Experts In The Field Of Development And Others ) Transport Services ( Transportl Services ) There Are A Variety Of Transport Truck Wheels 4 And 6 , Dump Truck , Fuso , Tronton And Others. ( There Are Various Transport Truck Wheels 4 And 6 , Dump Truck , Fuso , Tronton Etc ) . Rental Of Heavy Equipment ( Rental Equipment ) We Provide Various Types Of Heavy Equipment To Samarinda And Surrounding Areas , Available : Bulldozers , Excavators , Cranes , Water Pump , Tronton , Dump Truck , Forklift , Wheeloader And Others. ( We Provide Various Types Of Heavy Equipment To Samarinda And Surrounding Areas , Available: Bulldozers , Excavators , Cranes , Water Pump , Tronton , Dump Truck , Forklift , Wheeloader And Others ) . Leasing ( Rental Services ) Providing Various Types Ranging From The Cold Dump Truck Diesel , Fuso , Tronton , Tank Truck And Bus Various Types Of Various Types . Provides Various Types Ranging From Dump Truck , Cold Diesel , Fuso , Tronton , Tank Truck And Bus Variety Of Different Types . Leasing ( Rental Services ) To The East Kalimantan Regional Area Lct Available For River And Sea Transport . ( For South And Surrounding Areas Available Lct For River And Sea Transport ) . Lct ( Landing Craft Tank ) Leasing , To The East Kalimantan Regional Area Lct Available For River And Sea Transport . ( Rental Service , For South And Surrounding Areas Available Lct For River And Sea Transport ) . 180Ft Barge Leasing . For Samarinda And The Surrounding Area We Provide Barge 180Ft . Rental Services . ( For Banjarmasin And Surrounding Areas We Provide Barge 180Ft ) . Lct ( Landing Craft Tank ) Leasing , To The East Kalimantan Regional Area Lct Available For River And Sea Transport . ( Rental Service , For South And Surrounding Areas Available Lct For River And Sea Transport ) . Mobile Crane Available For Rent Various Types Of Cranes To Samarinda And The Surrounding Area . Available To Rent Different Types Of Cranes To Banjarmasin And Surrounding Areas . Cooperation Investment And Other In Our Company Settling Administration And Management , For Those Interested To Beg For Cooperation May Quote To Our E-Mail Address , Thank You

Gemini Trans Logistics By Gemini Trans Logistics

Our Company Activity : . Shipping With Conditions Door To Door The Whole Territory Of Indonesia And Abroad . Agent Container / Nvocc Agency . Cargo Project For Construction Of Factory Or Power Plant . Cargo Handling . Handling Container Port · Shipping Agent · Freight Truck Entire Region Of Sulawesi · Heavy Equipment Transportation By Road · Dry Cargo Chartering · Custom Clearance · Stevedore Nickel Ore & Coal · Transhipment Barge And Ocean Going Barge " With Our Best Let Your Trust , Do Your Moving Of Cargo " . Please Feel Free To Contact Me For The Inquiry From / Into Indonesia , Especially At Makassar , Sulawesi South Region . As I ' Ll Be Your Kind Assistance For All The Time . Many Thanks For Your Precious Co -Operation And Great Support , As Much Appreciated ! We Always Have An Endeavor For Establishing Our Life - Long And Endless Relations With Our Worthy Business Partners Or Agents Like Yourselves Through Co -Operation And Supply Of Best Quality Services Under Vigilant Supervision In Our Company .

Mds Kaltim By Mds Kaltim

Mds Trans Kaltim Balikpapan Is A Transportation Services Company Land, Sea, Air Special Purpose East Kalimantan, North Kalimantan, South Kalimantan. Ready To Distribute Goods Materials Project Mining, Coal, Construction, Rig, Pipe, Cement, Fertilizer, Oil Gas, Iron, Concrete, Spaer Heavy Equipment Parts, Household Movers. Private Car, Motorcycle Safety With Emphasis.

Mds Kaltim

AB Logistics Balikpapan By PT  AB Logistics Balikpapan

Ab Logistics Is A Service Company Land, Sea, Air Other Destinations In East Kalimantan. Ready To Distribute The Materials Project Mining, Coal, Construction, Rig, Pipe, Cement, Fertilizer, Oil Gas, Iron, Concrete, Spaer Heavy Equipment Parts, Household Movers. Private Car, Motorcycle Safety With Emphasis.