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Copyright is the exclusive right of an Author or a Copyright Holder to publish or reproduce their works, which arises automatically after a creature born without reducing the restrictions under the laws in force.

Creation of protected are creations in the fields of science, art and literature.

a. Requirements for registration of copyright:
b. Complete data Applicant and Creator
-the Name and full address
          - Citizen
c. Power of Attorney signed by the applicant / Director (if on behalf of the company) on the stamp Rp. 6000
d. Letter assignment of rights from the creator to the applicant (if different from the name of the Creator name Pemoon)
e. An affidavit of ownership was signed by the Applicant / Director (if on behalf of the company) on the stamp Rp. 6000
f. Copy of ID Card Applicant / Director (if on behalf of the company) and a copy of ID card creator
g. Copy of Deed and amendments that have been certified by a notary (if the company name)
h. painting / sample books / tapes on the original copyright
i. Tell me the meaning / significance of creation as well as the place and date of creation of the first published


Fees for registration of copyright:

The registration fee (per creations)
Application for Registration of our costs us: Rp. 1,800,000 (one million depalan hundred thousand rupiah)

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